Li Chapter 31: The path to safety…

Li looked onward as the screen had turned into a three dimensional display.

“Warning, unidentified corruption of historical scene detected.”

These were the the meaning of the words that he first understood.

Li watched on as the words seemed to vanish into thin air.

New words appeared.

Reflected in his eyes was a mixture of emotion that he found it hard to describe.

He paused.

What could he make out of this?

he reached out.

His arms lacked resolve and yet it had moved.

as he did, the words that had appeared in front glow.


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Li Chapter 29

How long had he ran…

How long had he been in this place…

such questions had crawled understandable into his mind as he used a wall for support.

His breathing heavy and his skin was drenched in sweat…

Thirst had began to assail Li.

Under the direction of the voice, he had manged to escape into the nearby ruins.

It was already a bit of a trial to breathe within the gear he had equipped.

But he pushed himself hard to get far.

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Chapter 28 Escape the darkness


Li’s mind raced to find meaning in her words.

She delegated her next command regardless of his state of mind.

As her voice echoed in his head he turned to the direction he had delegated.

…Go right

Not waiting to think beyond her former words, he did as she instructed.

His body twisted as he quickly turned, with an abruptness he would have found difficult to achieve before.

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Li chapter 25

In this sensory desolate land, the only thing that he could reliable trust was the sound of this own breathing.

Not even this body was that he was born with…

His motivation into this place was one of survival, the irony of which was that he had been delivered into the jaws of the unknown.

But was this any different from anywhere else in this world?

Li was unable to tell how long he had walk since his earlier encounter with the strange beast…


He couldn’t stop…

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