Chapter 16: false

What does it mean to be independent?

Is it when was on able to strike out into the world with only a backpack and a few dollars and yet still be able to survive?

Li mind had drifted to a distant memory of his early days when he was a child.

He had first thought about what it meant to be an independent person in the world. He was unsure of his age then but he felt he had still been within single digits.

He had been resting on a tree as he had been moving since morning.

Compared to the underground library, above on the surface was of course much brighter and vibrant.

The green leaves were of many shapes and sizes.

A whole day had passed since Li had made his way through the underbrush. Occasionally, he had use the short sword to cut though areas that had been too thick to pass through easily…

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Li chapter 16

“You will need these…”

Old Wolf eyes paused on the items before they turned to Li.

“In simple terms, They will keep you alive…”

Li  removed his eyes off the items and onto Old Wolf.

“…They are not hard to use once I explain how to”

Li only uttered the words

“…I see”

as he returned his eyes to the desk…

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Chapter 13: Revival

The fragments of the world vanished.

The world had formed into a black emptiness.

Any prolonged stay with this level of sensory deprivation would drive one insane.


He was numb as he was lost in his thoughts.

Images from his past formed and faded as he recalled what had happened.

Had he really progressed from then?

Somehow, he felt that he was back to where he had started…

His mind cleared.



Old Wolf sighed.

“I guess I overestimate him…”

“His heart stopped”

He look up at the moon that was just about to descend into the land. Most of it was block by the clouds.

It was now the coldest point of day.

He quickly turned his face to the body.

His face held genuine surprise.

he knelt and place his hands on Li’s body.

It was faint but his hearts had resumed beating.

“His field, it’s…”

“A success?”

He smiled.

“At least I can now gain something from this…”


As his eyes opened, he could see a world unlike that before.

Around him was filled with a fog that was made of tiny symbols; they were very faint but Li could tell that they were there.

Old Wolf stood next to him.

However, on his face was a strange wry expression that was unlike what he had seen before.

The area filled him with a cold feeling but now his back was drench with sweat.

It was a feeling different to but similar to that attacker days ago.

It was unfocused unlike what that man did when he tried to kill him.

But as these scenery streamed into his mind, he summoned what strength he held and rose his enough as to be able to to sit.

Though he breathed greedily and fought against nauseousness, only a fragment of the pain prior to his unconscious spell remained.

He now held the ability to ‘feel’ a radius of a few meters to the point where it formed a clear picture in his mind.

But this new information only confused his brain.

disoriented, He repeatedly tripped as he attempted to get on his feet.

The sound of heavy breath was the only sound beside the faint a bird cry many meters away…

Old wold face was puzzled but Old wolfs eyes shone with a strange intensity.

Li could tell that whatever expectation he held of me,

Li had likely not met them but something else…





Li chapter 11: Broken before or broken after?


The two stood there in silence.

Only the faint noise of beasts reached his ears.

He was unable to fully understand what he had been told.

It was likely that Old wolf had not expected him to.

Old wolf shook his head.

“I have said enough…”

Li wondered why Old Wolf was so forthcoming with information.

“Now, the rest is really up to you…”

Li face paled drastically.

Old Wolf appeared amused at his reaction. He  held a faint grin.

“…You seem to catch on quickly.”

“Yes, I was waiting until your condition worsened.”

Li fell on his knees.

He vomited. A sweet metallic taste lingered on his tongue as he took the smell of blood.


The taste of his bloody vomit had made his heart race.

His eyes happened to turn to the gentle glow on his finger.

The light, it was faint as if it would have gone out at any time.

His eyes lid were heavy, he was unable to hold them open for long.

Li’s body collapsed onto the cold earth.

All he could hear was his own panting.

Both pain and a coldness had began to spread from his abdomen to an area under his heart.

Was this related to what he spoke about?



He could feel the presence of something nearby.

He couldn’t feel anything, not even the chill.


If anyone was to touch Li’s skin now, they would notice that his skin was completely cold.

A will, Li’s will to live was the only thing that maintained his awareness.

However, all that was left was a wisp of consciousnesses.

He could see strange little light around him that were grim and dim.



Flow stood on next to an unconscious body. His face devoid of emotion as he stared down at the lifeless body.

“…Each one needs to find their own paths into the world…”

He sighed.

“He seemed promising. But to be…”

His face held a hint of regret that quickly subsided.

Even broken thing have their uses.

And in this case, he was just what Old wolf had wanted.

He was different than the others, so maybe the results would be different too is what he thought.

“Either way I hope he finds something to grasp before the residue impacts him too much…”

In this world, if you are weak you will be used only to be tossed away.


He pauses and takes off his hand.

He turned the body upward and placed his hands over the area where Li’s liver was located.

The faint light reflected of his white teeth as he grinned.


“Do not fail…”







Volume 2 draft is done…

It has been a few months since I have started writing this web novel. I have started and stopped a few times. But now I have suddenly found myself at the edge of Volume 2.

It may seem strange that I am talking like I am reading the novel instead of writing it. It is actually related to the fact that as I write I see the events play out in my mind. The hard part is putting it on record. But seeing it sack up as it is now makes me think that I had not wasted my time.

Each chapter has min 500 words. I have at least 20 said chapters so that makes 10000 words. Not bad if I say so myself.

Maybe I should focus on finishing editing the first volume…

Linear Control is ground zero

(I apologize for the late post. I still have another one for today to deliver.)

While walking to work today I began to remember about Linear time-invariant theory, which can be said to be the mainstay of control theory. Any system that Linear time invariant theory is fully applicable to are called LTI systems. LTI theory is an ideal place to start. Any LTI system are linearity and time invariance. These make analysis of such system independent of the physical properties of the system and allow a whole host of techniques to be usable on them.

LTI systems are completely describable by their impulse response and frequency response. They are also easy to model and have many tools to simplify this process.

So I will start there and dive into the mathematics of it in the process.


What is control anyway?

After learning about the fundamental theories in single input single output systems for two year while at university, I wouldn’t give much thought to what the true significance for what it means to control a system. Yes I understood that control theory was a subject which large dealt with correcting deviations between an input or state that the user wants the plant to approach and the actual output which the plant produces. In this case the plant is the ‘thing to be controlled.’ for example, A cars body (including the driver if it is manned) will be part of the plant while the changes in the staring wheels angulation will be the input that that system.

But what does it really mean to control a plant? Once this question is taken into account then I believe that everything involve that is required to change a system from one state to another needs to be visible to the designer. It is here that the degree of human intervention comes into play. Of course, not forgetting the dynamics of the plant and the requirement that need to be satisfied.

To be honest, I have been thinking of this question recently as I am quite interested in Computer decision making and problem solving.  Control theory is a vast field…