Li ToC

Hey Guys, this page is the table of contents to my not so new story called Li. I have started to edit the chapters and I ask that people limit themselves to those.


Synopsis: A young man finds his way into a strange world. Wondering  how he get there, he sets out to find a way back to his world. Defenseless, how will he make it home in one piece?


Li Chapter 1 part 1

Li chapter 1 part 2

Li chapter 1 part 3

Li Chapter 1 part 4

Li Chapter 2

Li Chapter 3

Li Chapter 4

Li Chapter 5

Li Chapter 6

Li Chapter 7

Li chapter 8: What needs to be done

Ch 9 Broken…

Li chapter 10: Master Roe

Li chapter 11: Broken before or broken after?

Li Chapter 12: Mirrored Monologue

Chapter 13: Revival

Chapter 14: New Aim





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