Ch 9 Broken gates and dying




I don’t understand?

“If nothing is done you will die…”


But why?!

“You bit off more than you can chew…”

“What do mean?! ”

Flow stern look held a tinge of a feeling that I couldn’t make out well. But I couldn’t care less what that was. That feeling of something being wrong.

“…To make it simple, you tried to manifest using a method that¬†with, your novice level understanding of actualization, lead to wounds to the inner gates”

“And these are almost always serious.”


“I did have ample time to examine you so I am not wrong”


“Like a branch, too much weigh leads to it breaking”

” Its called overload…”

I grit my teeth at how distant flow sounded as if it was not his problem.

Even if that was the case, his nonchalant attitude…

I resisted the urge to lash out.

Come on!

“…The fluxes coming off your body of a child, unstable and crude.”

Before I noticed, a finger was stretched out between my eyes.

I hadn’t even seen any start up action.

“For example my finger here.”

“One usually has intent whenever he commits to any action.”

“They are many ways but the ultimate end is that this intent interferes with one’s own field.”

“But the field around you is weaker than a healthy person.”

“It shows no evidence of any methods or arts. No trace of solid refinement…”

He withdrew his finger as he finished talking.

I had somehow calmed down. If he was telling all this then it was very likely that he did so with a purpose.

Flow apparently noticed the change in my demeanor and a faint smile crept on his face.

But from my eyes looked a bit threatening


“But all this makes little sense to you right now. Especially now.”

I had to process what I had just been told. It still was very much an unclear subject.


…Inside most people are what is called the inner gates.

These are areas in the body that have been found to preform specific roles in the manifestation of external phenomena using something called… Will?

These areas are called the gate of opening and closing, the inner eye, the gate of stillness and vibrancy, the inner heart and the gate of transformation, the inner body.

While there are other gates in the body, these are apparently the most important because they are linked very closely with one life and the external field.

These three form a path call the Inner great circle.


“Your gate of transformation and the gate of stillness and vibrancy show signs of leaning to the stillness.”

“When one gate becomes completely still it drags the other into the same state until…”

and then he remain quiet.

What happens when one gate reach such a state?!

Wasn’t it death?

Why pause?!

Flow then seem to look at me thoughtfully…

He tell me that I was interesting but he hadn’t told me why until I had asked him.

“but the only gate untouched is the inner eye…”

That all he told me.

Flow had remained silent. He just stared at me.

It looked as if he was waiting for something to be said.

“Unfortunately, the damage is great and I cannot cure it to an uninjured state”


“That can’t be…”

I hadn’t noticed that I had ate through my thumb fingernail until pain from the young nail underneth was felt.

“But I am curious…”

“What happened before you fell?”

“You not have told me everything?”


What did he mean I hadn’t told he everything?

“I suggest you think back well.”

I reflexively moved back at his threat.

But he seemed amused at that action.


“Usually would like that are like fabric… You must have felt a strange sudden pain that cleared up quick.”

I thought back to the time I saw the the bright circle of lights and shapes and my attempt then to grasp that feeling then.

As I recalled the experience, he only muttered one sentence afterwards.

A solitary, ¬†“I see…”

Then he descended down into not speaking for a few minutes.


“Can you write down what you saw?”

I did as I was told but with each line he appeared to become more serious

“This is…”

So he can make a face like this too?

“How surprising…”

He held a grin

That grin was strangely scary.

The longer I stayed around him, the more I was convinced that he was the type to become obessed by his interests.

His mumbles were carried into my ears.

“It is vexing but he cannot be lying….”

“and you said you didn’t collapse immediately afterward?”

I made a confused face at this question and words.

Why should I get tired?

“The longer you live the more you get to see…”

His face came to something like he was swallowing something bitter

“What a waste”

“If it wasn’t due to the circumstance maybe it would have turned out differently”

I wondered if he knew that I could hear him clearly.

But still,


as if reading the answer off my face he continued

“You not not going to die but You lucky to be alive”


His words had still caught me off guard.

No… luck likely had nothing to do with it.

“How interesting.”

Strangely at that moment I began to feel light headed and weak.

My body felt heavy.


The hand I used held traces of blood.

I could see a faint smile on his face.

“About my offer, do you accept?”




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