Li chapter 8: What needs to be done

This chapter a little short of 800 words but all chapters are in beta even after they are published. The main points will never change I will be making edits whenever I think adding certain info earlier will do. I will post any changes made in prior chapters on my blog. But these changes will not be a need to read if one has already read the chapter.

Someone like him needed my help?

He withstood my confused gaze without even batting an eye…

Not that it had much force within it anyway.

But I felt like I had been pressed into a corner. This was a request that I had neither the right nor ability to refuse.

“…As you may have suspected, I didn’t help you just because I could.”

“I found you at a rather convenient time for you.”

“Or rather unfortunate…”


Flow paused as if in thought. He gave me a hard look.

One that seem to see through me.

I shivered at the sight but then he slowly shook his head.

I was bewildered at what that could have meant.


This was luck?

Still distracted flow continued his vacant gaze towards the table’s surface. It had been polished enough so to produce a simple reflection.

“-I don’t like it but I have little choice.”

He spat out those words suddenly.


Forget it,

It was been a miracle that I had survived this far.

I had been running on luck ever since i got here.

“You don’t have any other choice but to do so.”

He wore a faint smile.

But I could tell that such a look was anything but kind.

“Unless you are the type who pays gratitude with ingratitude”

He need not say those words or tell me what he would do if I didn’t accept.

For he already did…

I felt my jaw rigid and my fist tensed up into a ball before I knew.


For a moment there was no sound, nothing disturbed the calm which was hardly comforting.

“Do you know what was read?”

My hand reflexively opened. His words were unlike anything I had expected at the moment. Yet they were something that I had wanted clarified. The combination paralysed my thoughts. My eyes rested on the book.

In fact what was that text about?

The booked had remained close by.


I looked like it

Even as my thought scattered, Flow remained silent. I would dive only to surface empty handed. His face that was one that was turned towards his books.

“What to you think Will is?”

his voice broke once again shook me awake.

What exactly was the point of this? Why couldn’t he tell me directly. Was there meaning to the question he asked?

“mental strength? A wish?”

Flow now looked straight at me.

I could sense that something had changed…

“If one wants something to happen there are two outcomes”

“One path in which it happens.”

“And the other which it doesn’t”

“The concept of will is related to such thinking…”

He broke his speech to take up the book.

“Though, none actually knows why exactly how it works”

“…Its behavior is inconsistent in some domains, and at too simple for others”

“But we can’t stopped wanting to know more.”

“But that shouldn’t stop research of methods to better understand the world”

“It better to solidify ones own understanding it. At least, such is my belief…”


isn’t that similar to something back home?

Whether here or home, human beings are a breed born to break boundaries.

“At its heart, Will is the desire for change.”

“To use it one must have desire to do so”

“But change the world with all but a mere thought, wasn’t that just too convenient?”

He laughed.

“There been so much effort yet its still so murky”

I remained flabbergasted at his words.

I could still hear his laughter, solid with ambition but laced with some self ridicule as well as.

He quickly regained his original composure.

No rather, he became serious too quickly which caught me off guard.

“But, its exactly why I want you to survey somewhere as I am predisposed.”

“But your body…”


“I think you have a couple of days left.”

For what?

“until you die.”

“Just how did you Inner Gates deteriorate to this badly?


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