Update Webnovel

Greeting for anyone reading this. I just wanted to say that I have indeed been adding chapters and so far I got 10 in reserve. But as far as story material and characters I have far more than that. It is just that I have a general distaste for typing. But they are not publishable yet. I think that I will release the in a volume format as I believe that it will make it more coherent.

Oh yeah, and my PC for 6 years died on me for a few weeks. My Hp dv6 gave me some good time for a refurbished. For US $450, I was able to play Dead space 3 on ultra and Dishonored on high setting so it wasn’t bad at all. Got a new refurbished with a Dell 3rd gen i7 for US$226 with a much crapper GPU for work.

Oh well, let see how this goes…


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