Hope and I


From birth,
my first breath,
called hope.
Gifted life,
it went within.

In Hope's absence,
I can see.
A deathly stillness,
Dim eyes Dewelling.
Those hollow husks,

my will,
It burns hot,
It incenarate demons.
And its light
illuminate my way,
Through this darkness.

This looming shadow,
In my heart,
Will always presist.

I am weak...
To sustain,
To remain,
I bandish will,
And beckon hope,
So I will live.

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Cut from the Cloth,
It dangles on the wind.
Without ties, it is there.
Without direction, it exists.
Without a cause and without a purpose, it continues.
It floats alone, but when does it end?
On a breeze barely be able to blow,
Gently it goes.
Far away.
Till no one knows.


It has been a while…

Well, I aimed to make a post each day since I started this blog. I can’t believe how hard that have failed. However, I have been able to formulate most of the important points of my story in the meanwhile on good old paper. I could have continued my story online earlier but decided against it. I also think I’ll revamp the last three chapters so yeah that need to me done.

In addition, I have been busy trying to learn all sorts of stuff encompassing foundational mathematics, embedded systems, computer science. I have a keen interest in information systems and telecoms which I read about when I can. But I must admit that I have put a significant amount of time into reading light novels and  Chinese wuxias. But they did teach me the general flow of how a novel can go. Unfortunately, I have also gained the impression that a lot of them nowadays a simple wish fulfillment without much substance behind it. I hope I don’t fall into this trope sigh…

well, I think I will also post other thoughts about what I’m reading much more frequently. Maybe if I can somehow figure out how to generate some revenue with my content without upsetting visitors will make me more committed. After all, a man need to eat right?

I post some more poems soon.