Li ch 6 Insight

The desires of men remain unfulfilled even when their blood has become rust.  They are fools who seek glory even without purpose. Their ambitions burn lives and scorch the earth. The ashes and smoke stifled out the light of hope for many. Their greed in the guise of progress. Thus such a fate is fitting for them. To be bound by the curses of many. Let them roam and maybe they will understand…



Old Wolf took his time to speak.

He carried a look filled with some type of understanding as if he had completely saw through Li.

His eyes remained on him for a few minutes but then returned down to the books he had carried into the room.


Those words were as if they were not directed to anyone.

Thus Li remained silent and waited for him to continue.

His voice trailed to a mumble for whatever reason which confused also confused him.

“I thought you would draw it out more…”

In his voice was a tinge of disappointment or so he had thought before Old wolf’s next words.

“I had suspected you have an unusual history but even that is hard to believe…”

He gave a hard look into Li’s eyes.

“You are not lying to me, are you?”

Li could not help his face contorting under the pressure of his gaze but he nodded his head.

“Humph, it’s not like you could anyway…

Li felt a bit annoyed at Old Wolf’s dare.

As if sensing this,he smiled as if to edge him on.

Old wolf certainly had a troublesome streak.

As he spoke, he took a book into his hands languidly and casually opened it. It was the same book that Li had earlier -‘Vol 1’.

Li wondered if he really believed him.

If the roles were reversed, even he would not.

But it had surprisingly gone smooth.

and it was that fact that made Li unnerved.

“You must have questions…”


“I’ll answer a few…”

“I don’t think it’s fair to me to have interrogated someone so harshly when he has not done anything wrong.”

“…So where is this”

Old Wolf paused.



He seemed to be in deep thought. Li wondered whether if this place was not as straight forward as it appeared.

“This place-”

He turned his sight from one end to the room to another.

“-is my base of operation. I use this place to process my research so you are in luck.”

Li wondered what kind of work was being produced here.

“It has been a long time since I started so the documents here… ”


“You know about similar cases like me don’t you?”

He closed his eyes.

“It is not impossible…”

He laughed…

“This world is filled with possibilities…”

Where was he going with this?

“It not too strange to think that you came from another world”

“Unusual, but not impossible.”

He must have read about a similar case.


He kept his gaze on Li as he awaited my response.


I wondered if he was testing me. Either way, I would better make more sense of my situation than develop conjecture.

“…But this library, where is it? ”

He nodded slowly

“The Black region of the Green Sea”

“The Black region… Of the green Sea? ”

“Yes… We are on its edges”

“The green sea is an old forest between the plains and the coastal regions of this country. Because of the combination of high and low forest, the forest melds into a sea like impression…”

“But here not a place where one should dwell for long…”

It was clear that this man was is being somewhat vague.

“Well… apart from exceptions”

“…like you?”

He laughed softly and nodded. A small smile formed.

Li continued.


“There are many reasons, but the most important is that you will get lost and meet a horrible fate.”

“…Like at sea.”

“This place, does everyone have abilities?”


“Like cutting through rock and controlling the earth”


He seemed to ponder Li’s words more deeply than expected.



After a short while, Old Wolf broke the silence.

“What comes to mind is something called Path Tracing. Have you heard of it?”

How did he expect Li to know? Li shook his head.

“No… What is it?”

“There are many forms, but it can be summarized as tracing one’s desires to one’s intent throughout the medial layer. Its an embodiment of a great will which is ever present here.”


“As ubiquitous as it is here and as simple as the concept is, many people study things like those for much of their lives.”

“What do you mean by ubiquitous? Do you mean than anyone can use it?”

“Though there extremely rare exceptions, that is the case. Not just people but even beasts do.”

“Especially in areas like here where the lands fields are every erratic.”

“So, Can I learn to use it?”

A wide grim appeared on his face

“You should.”


“…But I would not in your case, at least at the moment”



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