Li ch 2

“Where am I…”

The surroundings were dark; the surrounding scent held that of somewhat musty stink.I knew that I was moving. On the walls were bands of bright and dark streaks similar to an interference pattern. It was as if I was watching a rerun of a movie…

‘This is-‘


I remembered that earlier that day I was to retrieve something but what was it?

I had for some reason, ended up in that strange space…

apart from the walls, it looked the same as any alley yet-

It gave off an air of forbiddance. like I wasn’t allowed to be there. But, who reaches such an unusual place by going through alleyway across the street?

I watch as I went deeper and then…

Then I saw them…

Next to a long smooth metalic plate with an uneven surface was…


There was something else…

“what was it again…”

But then my thoughts were greeted with a great pain…

My thinking became more muddled and I struggled to remember my former actions. But the colour ‘white’ stood out. As if in sync with my memories I had reached out to grab something that fluttered into my sights.

“…A white rag?”

By now I had arrived at the strange slab of metal and stooped to inspect the object. My vision narrowed, my range of sight limited to the slab.

scattered on its surface was scribbling like that of some unfamiliar language…

But even though it was unintelligible to me, my pulse quickened.

Somewhere deep within, something told me I should ignore it…


When I opened my eyes, my vision was a mess. It was like being trapped in a three dimensional ping pong machine.

It was only after a few minutes of becoming more accustomed to the rapid jerking did it become evident. The former brown and greys were replaced by darker greens. Trees,though separated by many meters were frequent enough that their shadow blocked quite a bit of light.

Being held like a sack of items on the guy’s shoulder was uncomfortable and the sensation of moving so quickly and erratically without a clear sight where I was going was very stimulating to my stomach.

Whatever I had downed for lunch before being suck into this insane situation, I had forgotten but at this rate, it was going to pay me a reminder…


I can’t imagine that anyone would take pleasure in vomiting or be vomited upon but I couldn’t care less.  Apparently so too did my human transport, as he continued to move as if nothing had changed. This surprised me.  Slowly the land mophed into one into gentle slope with undulations.


For a while my mind went white, and a strange fatigue wrap around my conscious. I felt incredibly tired. Though my eyes and ears ‘worked’ and I could still register sensations fom the outside, I felt dead and they couldn’t reached ‘me’.

My body felt disconnected from the rest of my being. I ignored a strange questioning eye that was shot to me as he after he placed my listless body onto the cold earth.The man gave a look as one would when waiting for something to happen.

I didn’t care fo anything…

But as I remained still, my mind numb it focused on a faint rhythmic thumping of my pulse as it echoed my ear.


My lips trembled. The fear I felt smoldered within my heart but at the moment it flame had died. all I felt then was the joy that I overcame that ordeal.

I felt a joy that I overcame that ordeal.

With some traces of hesitation or resistance, my mouth moved.

“I’m still alive..”

But as I spoke I then noticed a man walking away then stoop down to sit on the back of a nearby boulder.

And to be honest, remembering his existence made me shiver as I had recalled his combat power. This was a man who could possible kill me at any time without even breaking a sweat.

Numerous questions then began to flow into my mind as if to make up for the time where my rational thought had stalled. However, a sense of accomplishment at my survival remained.


I have watched a few movies and comics about some people being transported to a new world. As fantastical as the story premise was, it was a refreshing part of a hard life of being a freelancer doing what I do. And doing what I do is hard…

But wasn’t this ridiculous? The point of fiction is that it couldn’t occur for real right?


…Then again fiction does have a strange way of transforming into fact over time.

“Is that not the case?”

I live a busy life. A friend once called it hard but before I knew it, such was the life I lived.

Occasionally, I would read fiction so to get away from my problems for a while.

But maybe I had pissed of some god by doing these, trying escaping reality, so as to punish me it forced me into a weird world like this?

“But, this makes no sense…”

I kept mumble on absorbed into my own world as I often tend to do.

“Maybe this is a reward? Or was I called forth her to do something…”

Maybe under a different scenario I would have been more welcoming but after seeing death in the face again, I can say that this place is possibly extremely dangerous.

While it’s nice to read about trail and tribulation of other, experiencing them is a different matter altogether. It was the different between reading about climbing a snowy mountain and actually climbing a snowy mountain.

Objectivity and safety is non-existent in the latter. The benefit of hindsight only applies to  survivors.  Even if it was premature to celebrate, I could not help be happy.

It was premature to celebrate. I could not help be happy.

I could not help be happy.

But as I slipped back into thoughts I felt I had forgotten something.


My head cleared up after a while. I couldn’t figure out anything… but I had

All this thought yet I had not checked to see if I was in one piece.

I slowly stood. I inhaled deeply patted I body. It felt the same as always. The texture of the clothes I had on was mostly the same apart from the grimy feeling. It was a given that both his arm and legs

I inhaled deeply…

My body, though somewhat sore felt like usual. looking down, I wore a long pair of black jeans which was coupled with a pair of simple sneakers that was not worth any mention. The clothes I had on was mostly the same apart that they felt tighter. The t-shirt I had worn from morning was also simple, just a uniform brown shirt with no design. In other words, completely plain…Even the watch attached to his arm was there.

But I sighed in relief as everything was still attached and my body was in one piece. Even my watch was present.

That watch was pretty important to me so I was quite happy that it appeared to be working as I fiddled with the controls. it would likely be quite useful in the future.

I had left my bag at my office so I didn’t expect to see it. Well, it would not have mattered anyway.

But then as I placed my hand over my face…

It was different.


“What’s this?”

“What this on my face?”

He thought the feeling was his imagination but it really felt off.

It felt rough. Like a course beard. Not only felt but the unique sound when scratching facial hair was unmistakable.

I never had such thick facial hair before.

As I move my hand to I cheeks I also felt something else was off…


“Don’t tell me something off with the other part of my face!”

But as I reach for my ears, I stopped…

The body which had been resting next my had begun to stir stood up.


I quickly turned to him. The motion was so fluid that while in, in actuality, the man causualy placed his hand on his knee and rose from his resting position, I could tell that such movement was unusual.

I could not explain it but it just seemed so…

Instantly I realised my folly, which was that I had forgot about the guy right under my eyes. How what that even possible?

Maybe it was that I had unconsciously accepted him as harmless without realizing it. But I felt as if that conclusion was wrong.

It was as if his presence suddenly swelled as he got up. The the oppressive feeling from before that was absent flared but then vanished quickly.

As I decided to be blunt and give my thanks.

“Thanks for saving me!”

I looked at the man as he stared back in silence. He wore a stern face, as one would make as if pondering some mystery. I continued:

I continued:

“If you do not mind, could you tell me where this is?”

There was another short pause but this time, the man broke his stern face into a more serious one. He then spoke…

But the words which came out was unknown to me.

‘what langauge what that?’

Another moment of silence passed before the man spoke to me again.

“@#$%#@    @#$@ @#$%^#”



I stretched my head. My hands paused. Another change The soft hair felt quite good on my palms.

‘Another change…’

Though,the soft hair felt quite good on my palms.

A foreign world would have its own language. No, it would be truer that I was the foreigner.

“It was worth a try though. Can’t expect a fiction like resolution. I already experience good luck and I can’t be greedy.”

However, without the ablitiy to communicate, my prospects are slim.


So Starving is a real possibility?

Without a source of food, death was a certainty. With a world which seemed to be able to support ridiculous physics and matter manipulation, I would not even be surprised if this world has a few man eating monsters like dragons. And even worse was that I had no means of avoiding or even defending myself.

Fear crept up. My blood ran cold for an instant.

‘…This is ridiculous!’

Now I looked up to the man’s face.

I understood that my only lifeline was truly this man. But we couldn’t even communicate. That is far less than convincing him to help me,

I suddenly felt dizzy. I placed his hand on my forehead. Sweat also ran down my back.

But as if to empathise my powerlessness, the man began to walking slowly away.

As if by reflex I reached out to him with a hand. But the words go stuck in my throat. Paniced or Not, it was too late to recall my hand so I chose to speak.

But I stopped. As if sensing his thoughts, the dark skinned belligerent looking man stopped then slowly moved his hand and pointed towards the direction he was facing.


“he want me to follow him!”

I barely maintained my calm.

“I wonder where this will lead me…”

I walked toward the direction indicated. As I did, so did he.



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