Li ch 2

“Where am I…”

The surroundings were dark; the surrounding scent held that of somewhat musty stink. On the walls were bands of bright and dark lit walls which curved and twisted chaoticly.



Li had remembered that earlier that day he was sent to retrieve something. However, he had ,for some reason, wondered into that strange space…

It appeared to be a transformed version of an alley he saw from the street. He felt an air of forbidden. A feeling that he wasn’t allowed to be there.

But how can such a place be reached by going through alleyway across the street?

Li remember then that he had going deeper into that alley and then…

Next to a long smooth metallic plate with an uneven surface was…

He couldn’t remember.

But was not there was something else…

“what was it agai-?!”

Right then his thoughts severed by pain. His thinking stalled and he struggled to remember my former actions.

It was ‘white’.

“…A cloth?”

It was something that he had reached out to grab.

He held a white cloth that felt rough to the touch.

By now he had arrived at the strange slab of metal and had stooped to inspect the object. His vision had narrowed and his sigh was limited to the slab. Too regular to be random etches, scattered on its surface was something like a script…

But even though it was unintelligible, his pulse quickened. Somewhere deep within, something spoke to him.


Li was awaken to a sight no less confusing as before he fell unconscious. The terms up and down held no meaning as he felt that he was trapped in some sort of three dimensional ping pong machine.

He had not the energy to move and few minutes of becoming more accustomed to the rapid jerking did he become aware that the former brown and grey of the land had been replaced by darker lush greens.

Li was now moving through the trees at an inhuman speed. He was held like how a farmer would hold a full sack on his shoulder. One could guess that such a posture would be uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the sensation of such high speed erratic motion had tempted an eruption of his stomach contents.

Whatever Li had downed for lunch before being suck into this insane situation, he was reminded of it as he gave in to the temptation.


But the man who carried Li couldn’t have cared less. And at the time neither did he. Nothing had changed for a many moments. He soon became numb.


Li felt incredibly tired. Though his eyes and ears ‘worked’ and he could still register sensations from the outside, he felt dead and they couldn’t reached ‘him’.

He eventually noticed a strange questioning eye that peered at him after being placed on the cold earth.

But he ignored it.

The man gave a look as one would when waiting for something to happen.

Li could not care…

But as he remained still, his numbness lessened as he it focused on the faint rhythmic thumping in his chest.

That was the only sound that came into his ear beside distant bird calls.


He had overcame that ordeal.

Once he understood that, he felt joy.

However, some traces of hesitation or resistance remained.

“I’m still alive..”

He heard those words only to notice later that they were his.

Next to Li was the man who had save him. As he had noticed the change in Li, slowly got up from his earlier spot on a boulder and sat closer to him. He leaned on a nearby boulder. But Li had not noticed this.

remembering his earlier encounter made him tense as he had recalled his combat finesse.

Even against the two and with him as dead weight he appear to have been able to fight evenly.

But what did he know?

Numerous questions then began to flow into his mind as if to make up for the time where his rational thought had stalled.

However, there was some sense of accomplishment within is heart.


“Where was this place???”

It was not funny how he had seen a movie play out live. To him, it was ridiculous? The point of fiction was that it couldn’t occur for real. Or was it?


“…Then again fiction does have a strange way of transforming into fact over time.”

“Is that not the case?”


Occasionally, he would read fiction so to get away from his problems for a while. Also he watched movies occasionally.

But a thought came to him whether he had pissed of some god unknowingly and as punishment, banish him to this place.

“But, this makes no sense…”

He held a tendency to mumble on when he was absorbed into his own world, something he had not noticed or had forgotten.

“Maybe this is a reward? Or was I called forth here to do something…”

Maybe under a different scenario he may have been more welcoming but after being greeted with the possibility of death would have damped anyone’s enthusiasm.

To read about someones trials and tribulations is one thing but to be the one to experience them is another. Objectivity and safety is non-existent in the latter.


he could not help be happy after being greeted by reality.

But as he slipped into thoughts he felt he had forgotten something.


His head cleared up after a while. He couldn’t figure out anything…

He slowly stood and inhaled.

The air was clean and pure.

He checked his body. He had not notice any difference to the clothes he had put on in the morning. Although some places at his back were torn which was a given.

His body, though somewhat sore, felt mostly usual.

Li had on him a worn out pair of black jeans which was coupled with a pair of simple sneakers. A somewhat tight t-shirt with the logo of a popular game printed on the back covered his chest. Even the watch attached to his arm was there.

In other words, completely plain…

The clothes he had on was casual despite having to work that day. The place he worked was loose with things like dress code and had flexible hours.


He sighed in relief.

He felt something on his ear.

But as he reach for his ears, there was movement…

The body which had been resting next to him stood up.


The movement was quick but also fluid.

But in actuality, the man had causally rose up from his spot. He had place a hand on his knee as he did.

Li instantly realized his folly. How could he have forgotten about the guy by being consumed by his own thoughts?

It was as if he had suddenly appeared when he got up.

“Thanks for saving me!”

He looked at the man and the man stared back in silence. He wore a stern face, as one would make as if pondering some mystery.

“If you do not mind, could you tell me where this is?”

There was another short pause but this time, the man broke his stern face into a more serious one. He then spoke…

But the words which came out was unknown to me.

‘what language was that?’

Another moment of silence passed before the man spoke to me again. But he was unintelligible.




A foreign world would have its own language. No, it would be truer that Li was the foreigner.

‘It was worth a try though. Can’t expect a fiction like resolution. I already experience good luck and I can’t be greedy.’

However, without the ablitiy to communicate, Li prospects are slim.


‘So isn’t starving is a real possibility?’

Without a source of food, death was a certainty. With a world which seemed to be able to support ridiculous physics and matter manipulation, Li would not even be surprised if this world has a few man eating monsters like dragons. And even worse was that he had no means of avoiding or even defending himself.

His blood ran cold for an instant.

‘…This is ridiculous!’

his face was bitter.

He looked up to the man’s face and understood that his only lifeline was truly this man. But they couldn’t even communicate. So how could he convincing him to help him.

he suddenly felt dizzy.

He placed his hand on my forehead. Sweat also ran down his back.

But as if to empathize his powerlessness, the man began to walking slowly away.

As if by reflex he reached out to him with a hand. But the words go stuck in his throat. Panicked or Not, it was too late to recall his hand so he chose to speak.

But Li stopped. As if sensing his thoughts, the dark skinned belligerent looking man stopped then slowly moved his hand and pointed towards the direction he was facing.


“he want me to follow him!”

Li barely maintained my calm.

“I wonder where this will lead me…”

Li walked toward the direction indicated. As he did, so did he.



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