Li ch 1 pt 4

“-This is!?”

My body froze as his cold eyes locked on to me.  It made me bite my lip in frustration. Disgusting wave after. That snake like glare shrunk me to that of to the likes of a frog.

Then in a fraction of a second, this glare intensified greatly, and I found it harder to breathe. I vaguely saw something like a faint glow like that of luminescent smoke surrounding him. A sense of crisis welled up from my gut, that this feeling was an indication death.

The indication of imminent death!


Helpless and powerless!

‘This Unfairness!’

I wanted to escape this reality and deny it was with all I had! I could not accept it! Not this, I didn’t want to die like this…

If I was to die then it would be of my own hand!

That tiny bout of willpower brought back something. That spark ignited something hot within me and instantly revived my rationality. But as it did so, I was doused with an icy reality check.  My mind raced to think of a solution. Even as it was unlikely to succeed, I didn’t want to die.

The man readies his weapon while I readied my mind. I could feel all the tension in my body leave, but yet I curiously remained standing. But at the time I had realised this as I forced my eyes to remain open in hope to catch whatever movements he may have made. I had dropped my body centre of gravity without realising. However, as if reacting to this, the opponent vanished.

Between us was only about a few yards.While I couldn’t see him my body moved. It was a vague sensation but it was enough to spur my body into action.

My muscle ripped and tensed, My lungs exploded as hot air was forcibly expelled. My power blasted out of my back. The tension was guided through my waist and down the hips, legs and then, only then into the ground.


I propelled my body was propelled towards the unknown.


The idea had shone brilliantly at the moment. I was resolute. Hesitation was non-existent. But even if that was the case, the thought of my rotting corpse on this unknown soil almost took away his attention. Almost…

‘I am the fastest!’

‘I am the strongest!’

‘I will not die here!’

‘I will survive this!’

I somehow knew that my mind was reflexively removing distracting ideas while trying its hardest to bear with the pressure. I knew I was grasping for that slim chance where everything would be ok. But I knew that it was overwhelmed more likely to be cut down right here!  It was enough…

As I became airborne I instinctively closed my eyes. However in that second, for a second I thought I saw him right in my face with his sword arm raised in a high stance about to come down!

I forced them open!

But now in my sight was something different. He was in front of me. The world was still.  It was subtle in this serene world of silence. His sword was gone. It was out of sight. In that short span of time, he changed his handle of the blade from that which seemed aimed toward the vertical slash to that which I couldn’t tell.

My mind could process information any faster. The sword  was out of sight but I still felt in critical danger.

But it was ok. I had tried…



My body fell onto the dirt. My neck was bloody. I fell hard and crashed into the ground.

My body laid on the ground. Was I was dead? or was I alive? Then I felt that my neck was still attached!

Was I was dead?

or was I alive? Then I felt that my neck was still attached!

Then I felt that my neck was still attached!


Behind him was the bare fist fighter.  But he didn’t leave any time for pleasantries and got straight to business by grabbing my collar, once again. However, he placed me onto his shoulders in one fluid motion.I felt an acceleration even greater than that of a high-performance sports car. At the same time, the rocks underneath his feet blasted and the world once again became blurred.


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