Li chapter 1 part 3

He was the most surprised from his own outburst.

But he watched as one of the two pair of eyes on me widened in surprise.

Turning to face the man behind him, Li saw that he held a calm unlike the others. At at the corner of Li eyes he saw that both of the attackers had narrowed their eyes while putting themselves in a strange posture.

Li heart fell as he looked on. He somewhat regret his outburst.

The distance between the two groups remained unchanged and formed a fragile standoff. Li felt the composure of his (temporary?) associate grow firm, probably as he too had made some decision.

Regrettably, Li was forced to rely on his grace.

Something that he had always felt to be mortifying.

The equilibrium shattered in an instant. The temperature of the atmosphere plummeted as one of the gazed on me ‘changed’. he instinctively jolted  body a step backward.


Now, he was left with regretted.


In only a moment he vanished.

His footing suddenly became unstable. His vision was cast to the rocky earth as he fell.

A barely audible pure metallic ring whistled above his head which at this point was not much further from the earth.

His vision was cast to the rocky earth as he fell.

Confusion was plastered on his face.

But he could feel a presence from above.

Li’s eyes stalled on the shadows over the earth for a second.

Right then, an earth shattering rumble together with a loud dull grating sound exploded over his head.

Covering his head with his hands he noticed more pillars of earth at his side.

Li was pressed to the hard earth with a faint pain originating at the base of hi spine as he fell onto his butt.

It was only then that he looked up at his assailant. Li’s eyes became fixated to him.

Wearing a mix of metal armour like that from the Roman legion and a flowing garment like that of religious robes from Japanese kimono together with catholic priest wares. The armour had Black, golden and silver metal that surrounded his forearms, shins, parts of the chest and head while cloth covered the rest.

If it was any other time anyone would have been able to appreciate the workmanship of the pieces as they were was quite beautiful.

Li couldn’t see it as such at the time, his vision too distracted by the strangely plain but fear invoking pole arm.

he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Its shaft held a luster like polished steel which gave it a gleam. The blade was long with a slightly curved and was around a fourth of a metre in length. Together, the pole arm nearly as long as the wielder.

But Li was also drawn beyond the reason of its danger. The strangeness of the sight struck him deeply. Unlike the metal like shaft, blade was made of a type of translucent glass.

The was motion faster before Li could notice anything amiss.

The next scene within his sight was as if to contrast with the earlier beauty of the weapon. Staged between the two people were two pillars of earth which appeared similar to a stalagmite jutting from the ground. One was faced at angle and had a crumbly top with the other one being purely vertical, and having a Plain but unnaturally smooth surface.

Without asking for anyone’s permission, The wild man had leaped into Li’s area of vision. The threat of a kick from his right leg had forced the polearm wielder to retreat a few steps after his blade motion had been dulled by the two pillars. Despite the Polearm wielder swiftness, he was unable the land a killing blow to the witness.

With his grandiose entry, the dark skinned man heavily dropped his foot onto the ground and another tremor rocked the earth which a similar grating sound accompanied it.


Li could not help the cry that that came at sudden ringing  that shocked him as it jumped at his ears from behind.

Upon realising his capabilities or lack of there of, they had decided to attack the weakling so to gain an advantage. He had reflexively turned away from the noise and had moved only a foot away before something flashed. When he came to, A blade had lodged itself a few centimeters from his face and after that was the wall of earth that had stopped it.

Li’s mind was chaotic. Maybe that was why he slowly held out his finger to touch the tip. It was clear that the walls hardness was likely nothing to scoff at as the blade appeared to firmly stuck inside.


But then, a faint glow was produced by the blade just as he was about to ouch the tip. Slowly, but with a speed not too slow, The pillar was cleaved in half.

Li retreated a few steps, like a  cat that was spooked.


The earlier wall that was erected in front of him fell.

The man behind the wall wore similar garment to the polearm wielder. However he was visibly displeased.

In his hand was a semi-clear blade which resembled the pole-arm, bu had lacked its staff and had a curvature and length that was more pronounced.

Li curse the awkward silence that followed as the man had locked eyes with dark skinned man.

Two more pillars of earth suddenly sprung out of the ground and attacked him.

But they were quickly destroyed; They were easily cut along several axes. Li couldn’t even see the movements as the blade sliced through what seemed to be solid stone.

The ground rumbled as a third stone pillar appeared some distance at in an empty location at Li’s flank. But he was too distracted to notice it.


The sound of a high pitched ringing jolted his brain. Surprised, he turned to its source but as he he saw the blade wielder as he retreated until  he was a few steps away.

The staring contest continued between the three of them for a few seconds, then as if to signal the end, the dark skinned man blow furrowed. Li could feel as if something had change after that instant.


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