Li chapter 1 part 3

The reverberation of my vocal chords died slowly, the words weight could still be felt even after I shut my lips. I somehow knew that I was the most surprised from my own outburst.

But the response of the others to that was certainly unexpected. I watched as one of the two pair of eyes on me widened in surprise. In contrast, the other remained calm but conversely narrowed his eyes as if coming to a sort of understanding or resolution.

…That was not a good sign at all.

While my venting did help to lessen my stress, I somewhat regret it.

But why such a reaction?


The distance between us remained unchanged and formed a fragile standoff. I felt the composure of my associate grow firm, probably as he too had made some decision. Regrettably, I was forced to rely on his grace.

‘Damn! This is mortifying!’

The equilibrium shattered in an instant. The temperature of the atmosphere plummeted as one of the gazed on me ‘changed’. I instinctively jolted my body a step backward.


Now, my ‘somewhat regretting’ had become ‘truly regretting’ at this point.


In only a moment he vanished. A barely audible pure metallic ring whistled above my head which at this point was not much further from the earth. My butt was pressed to the hard earth, with a faint pain originating at the base of my spine. Though my vision was cast to the rocky earth, I could feel a presence above me. My eyes fixed on the shadows over the earth.

Then an earth shattering rumble together with a loud dull grating sound exploded over my head.

It was only then that looked up at my assailant. My eyes became fixated to him.  He had a mix of metal armour like that from the Roman legion and a flowing garment like that of religious robes from Japanese kimono together with catholic priest wares. The armour had Black, golden and silver metal that surrounded his forearms, shins, parts of the chest and head while cloth covered the rest. If it was any other time I would have been able to appreciate the workmanship of the pieces as they were was quite beautiful.

But such a thought did not enter my head. My vision which once scanned his body fixed on the pole arm weapon whose shaft was broken into two piece connected by a chain.The strangeness of the sight struck me deeply. The blade was made of a type of substance I could not identify by sight…

I quickly shook my head to focus my mind…

As if to contrast with the beauty of the weapon, between the two of us were two pillars of earth which appeared similar to a stalagmite jutting from the ground. One was faced at angle and had a crumbly top with the other one being purely vertical, and having a Plain but unnaturally smooth surface.

As if seeing the first pillar I became aware of the pain that was not there before.

Something swiftly kicked the polearm as he leaped into my area of vision using his right leg. With his grandiose entry, the dark skinned man heavily dropped his foot onto the ground and another tremor rocked the earth which a similar grating sound accompanied it.


I could not help the long shriek that came from my mouth at the sound of the loud ringing from behind. These blasted guys had long realised that I was a weakling and were using that to their advantage. I reflexively turned to see a sword a foot away from me, stopped by a wall of earth. It hardness was likely nothing to scoff at as the blade looked firmly stuck inside.

But then, it produced a faint glow after which slowly cleaved through the pillar. I squirmed away, like a dog dragging his butt on the ground using his arms to drive me backward.


The wall was decimated without much trouble and the image of the man came into view.  He clearly showed his displeasure the failed manoeuvre. There were clear lines of annoyance on his face. In his hand was the long semi-clear blade which resembled the polearm. While he dwelled in silence, he locked eyes with dark skinned man.

Then two more pillars of earth attacked him but I stared in wondered as they are quickly cut down. A third appeared but the blade wielder decided to retreat a few steps away .The staring contest continued for a few seconds, then as if to signal the end, the man blow frowned. I could feel as if something had change after that instant.


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