Li ch 5 the old man

The air lay stagnant between the trees.  In a forest of few sounds.  A dissonance would set in within them causing unease, a feeling which only increased the deeper one went within the sea of trees…

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Li Chapter 4

Upon awakening, Li was greeted to  a cloudless dawn tinted with red. A new dawn in all respects. The blue heavens had arisen just like it did on earth.

He felt a faint hunger as his mind span into gear.

There was no signs of that man

He was now outside of the tent alone.

He walked around the area cautiously during which he soon found something amiss in the middle of the clearing.  He slowly approached it.

There was an elevated mound of rock that had not been there yesterday. It was only a few feet higher than the surroundings. On its flat top was the man. The man had sat at its the center.


Li was surprised by an eerie halo of light with peculiar markings of various colours that was slowly rotating over his head. The ring covered what looked like a five to eight-meter radius. But the halo itself look around no more than a tenth of a meter thick.  Below the ring was a shadow. The shadow was quite visible.

Even as the ring’s sole occupant spoke, it was incomprehensible to him.

Li watched as there was a sudden change in the formation after a few minutes. The ring dimmed, its rotation slowed sharply almost stopping completely until it was just a crawl. Its light was like that of the faint glow of florescent paint. But in return, the man’s right hand shone faintly which then peaked in a fierce brightness. A Golden light it was, intense but he found it calming.

Moving his right hand to his forehead with his pointing, and index fingers straight and while he curled his free hand to a half open palm. The light seemed to concentrate to these fingertips after which he meets them with the center of his palm left hand. There was beam of light which seemed to flow from a small halo which had formed on his right index finger. Then separating his right from left, he placed his left palm onto the earth.

A flash of light rose from the earth which forced him to raise his arms in defense from the brightness. It was truly spectacular.

As he turned back to the spectacle, an additional halo surrounded the man. The shapes inscribed onto it seemed to want to leap from the figure as the constantly shift even more than the last halo. But as if to signal the climax of the event, He closed his right hand into a fist. The surrounding temperature seemed to spike in that moment. He could feel a heat shift around his stomach.

Was he reacting to that man’s strange ritual?

The ground shook.

The man opened his fist. Once empty, his palm now held a rock which shone like a small sun.

But the glow resemble the a gentle moonlight. The shiny crystal held that feeling of nobility.

He then placed it next to his left hand which he thrust into the elevated earth. His whole hand up to his wrist seemed to meld into as it then sunk into the rock. lines of light formed on the ground which disappeared as quickly as they came. Moments later he took off his right hand and where there was only rock before now had a shiny translucent crystal ring.

“What was that is heaviness?”

He looked around as he felt it become difficult to breathe for a moment.

“I wonder what was that?”

His attention returned to the ring with a gentle blue glow.


The surroundings seemed to slowly return to yesterday’s afternoon. After a few second, the man tossed him the ring.

He caught it, this time without any hesitation.

As he held it, a cool feeling seeped through his skin as if it was as if it was made with from transparent ice. Li was reminded of the weapons that were welded again him….


The surroundings appeared calm unlike moments before. Li stood stoic as he examined the item.

‘The two are likely related somehow.’

then he saw  at the corner of his eye the man motioning him to wear it.

He was not comfortable without know why so he hesitated but soon did as he was shown.


The sun had rose a bit higher in the sky when they had finished their breakfast. He seemed to have restored the place to how it appeared before we arrived.

The man also took with him two bags with what Li assumed was filled with to be essentials like food. Li was tossed one of the bags.

The bag felt like a high-class leather and its opening was bound by a thick string and straps.

Li quickly opened it. In addition to some of his thoughts he found some strange items. The The most unusual was some kind of cloth or fabric.


Some distance away from the clearing but still within short walking distance was a stream. It was convenient as my thirst had become unsettling. Li confirmed that his hair was white and my skin took on a more ash brown-grey tone. He reached out to fill his cup with the clear liquid.

Li noticed that he must have been absorbed by his thoughts as it was only when he saw that the man also had taken out one of the same empty bottles to full.

The memory of the terrifying howl returned to my mind.

I quickly washed my face to distract myself…



The forest path was more pleasant than yesterday. As Li had walked the path yesterday, he grudgingly realized that this world’s mosquitoes were just as annoying as on earth. Li wondered whether it was the ring that made the difference. The notion of a ‘magical mosquito repellent’ sounded ridiculous to him for some reason especial after the glamour it took to make it.


But his body did feel lighter than before.

It must have been hours from departing when they eventually came to a region which sloped sharply enough so to be able to see a sheer drop into a valley a few tens of meters away.

The area was not as forested as before, which allow him to see more of the forest below. Though not as magnificent as before as the view space was significantly smaller, being lower down made him be able to appreciate the green rising hills in the distance emphasized by the valley’s which were etched at their feet. Once again he took notice of the current elevation. Afterward the two sat probably to allow Li cool off in this humidity.

They slowly nodded at the site.

He again had etched another the sight within his mind.

After some time, the two had taken out some of the water to drink as it was easy to get dehydrated in high humidity. It was significantly higher than at the camp site and as they descended, it only seemed to increase.

This also meant that the ground was becoming increasing moist which made Li’s footing bad and sapped his stamina quicker than before.

Li was lost in thought. His mind darted across ideas in futility.

He needed information about this world.

Enlightenment can always be reached with the right info and perspective.

So without a concrete base of knowledge about this ‘magic’ phenomena, it would likely be futile.

He knew he knew too little.

But he still couldn’t help his thought wondering to it. As he visualized that scene, the words that were etched into the halo flash across his eyes. he could feel my stomach heat up and a similar sensation, though much weaker, pulsed through my skin.

‘Just what was that?!’

But as rapidly as it came, the feeling was gone…

No matter how many times he tried to evoke whatever it was again, nothing would form so he gave up.

But as he did the man stood.

Apparently his break was over and it was time to continue. Since he rather enjoyed the time nature watching, he felt better.

Whatever that heat was would have to wait until he could communicate with someone.

Li hoped that his current feelings would last…



While the progressed, he glanced at his watch several times. He had tried switch it on in the night but the power was low. It need a lot more time to recharge as it held a internal generator.

As time continued to pass, it had reached the point where it must have been close to dusk due to the noticeable decrease in the light. Eventually, he came across a particular treacherous strip of high land. While it did not look difficult to cross, the ground felt loose and combined with an abundance of mud and cliffs were terrifying.

The Man turned to face Li, giving me a deep look as if contemplating the best course of action to act on. he truly wondered whether this path was always in such poor conditions but seeing such a face, it made him wonder whether the poor condition of the road was a surprise to him.

he man rubbed his head over his hand in annoyance.

Li felt uncomfortable as to why he was helping him so much.

‘What did this guy want from me?’

‘Was there any value in saving me?’

He didn’t know and frankly, he had pushed them aside for now. until then.

“There is no such thing as a free launch”

or as they say…

But Li took paying for a launch over being dead. That was certainly better than being cut up like meat.

Or was it?

Was the world not only filled with actions possessing ulterior motives?

It would have been a lie to say that the thought that the fate that he was walking towards may be one worse than being killed had not crossed his mind before he slept last night.

He didn’t know…

Maybe if it had been before six years ago he would be much more sure.

It was slight but he felt a bit pathetic… After getting saved, given food and even protection.

Even though his thoughts were were logical, he felt a bit pathetic…

I guess to feel otherwise would make me a bum after getting saved, even after given food and protection.

“Right…I will be okay.”

“I’ll get through this…”

The man’s movement was swift and there I was again, same as yesterday on his shoulders.

He didn’t waste any time accelerating, much to Li displeasure. The scenery blurred for an instant as the colours because melded together. But in that instant, Li’s ear tickled as if it was hit by a warm breath. It was only for an instant that he believed to have smelled a sweet fragrance not unlike that of a sweet fruit.  Within that instance was a voice was pleasing to my ear. Even within that faction of a second he heard her whispers, clear and without imperfection but filled with a mischievous tone. At her words, his thoughts halted and his body stiffened. Soon after and at the corner of his vision, something leaped from the underbrush. In his panic, he attempted to move but there was no way that my body could keep up with my thoughts.

The next instance that he was aware of a weightlessness and a slowly revolving world. The sky became the ground and span around as if it was stirred as one would stirred a cup of tea.


Following that sound was a blackened vision, which was restored as quickly as it came. his body collided into something. As he came too, he felt it being dragged downward. Panicked but still somewhat sensible, he instinctively tried to slow his self by clutching at whatever was in reach. When he made sense of his vision, he could see that he was sliding down an incline at quite a rate.

But in front of Li, the ground vanished and a horizon spread out…

“Come on!”

He dug his feet into the muddy ground.


His ears were filled with shouting that he soon realized to be his. The inclined had surprisingly sparse of such things to grab. In the process, Li smashed his arm into a tree trunk, which caused an intense pain to shoot from location.

As the edge approached quickly, I was unable to turn his head away even as I heard someone call out to me at the edge of my awareness. It was a deep sounding yet uneven voice.  Though the words were quick, he was surprised that he could make out some of them. Then at the corner of his vision, a bright light surfaced. But he had not the time to see was it was as at that moment. Ten meters without delay became one and then he was left wanting when that final feeling of solid ground left. His heart sank but yet he was airborne.

As he fell, some words echoed in his mind:


“Brace yourself, You are in for a tough ride…”






Li chapter 3

It was hot, humid and uncomfortable.

Li walked under a canopy which scattered the sunlight. They were bathed in the resulting shadows. Occasional sun beams littered the ground.

The forest had grown thicker since they entered it what seemed to be a few hours ago. The blocked out sky removed the only sense of time Li had.

He had begun walking on his own.

The canopy gave off a similar feeling of the a part of the amazon when he had visited a South American country.

“I can’t make head or tails of this place…”

The large trees and their overlapping crowns made it hard to distinguish their general direction.

He quickly became annoyed at that lack of direction.

But it was clear to him that they were going uphill due to the gradient of the soft ground, after which The ground  became flat. Eventually, even the canopy broke in fragmented patches that soon lead to a clearing over a small field. They stopped at the site.

On the other edges of the clearing were were cliffs which oversaw a vast panoramic view of overlapping canopies underneath.  Li’s breath was taken as it slowly came into view.

Part of the canopy broke into plains. Other parts had a rocky landscape which further melded with sharp cliff and luscious trees. The sprawling trees overtook the land. Rivers cut into them and waterfalls rose into the sky. Simply “Untamed Forest”.

Scenery like this…

The sight had cemented that this was no dream.

“There no way I could dream up something so beautiful”

He wondered if he could find such a place back home?

It made him again realise how vast the world could be, even if it was a different one. And in comparison wasn’t he insignificant?

But even as the earlier events played back in his mind he remember a few words spoken to him.

“But I don’t think small means insignificant? Or is it?”

Li had fallen into a shallow trance as he continue to watch the view.

A small but kind smile had formed on the man’s face. Li was unable to know that a resolution had formed as he gauged Li’s response…

Only after a few minutes did he notice that his mouth was slightly ajar.

“There was something special about here…”

He had felt better as he oversaw the land. He felt calmer. He felt as if there was a power in the air…


Li slowly shook his head and softly chuckled.


The man moved to another part of the clearing and lightly stomped the earth. Accompanying the small rumble was a pillar of earth which rose from the ground.  It had the appearance of a cylinder that contained a roughly cut surface which looked like a door.

Li slowly approached the container but was stopped as something was tossed towards his face.

Quickly, he rose his arms to prevent his face from being hit but the object had instead landed at his feet.

The package was wrapped up tightly. A faint but delicious fragrance floated up into his nose. Blood rushed to his cheeks from embarrassment as he took the item off the ground. Outside Li’s sight, the looked towards him with a look of pity.

The pitiful sight of a man cowering at the sight of a wrapped up meal.

After unwrapping it, it appeared to be a type of dried meat. His stomach growled even louder than just before he had arrived.

He didn’t think too deeply about it as it went down into his stomach.

“A bit salty but it’s good!”

While he was preoccupied with eating, the man took of some metallic looking objects. Then he tossed one to his side. There was an low but audible clang. He grabbed the cylindrical object and examined it.

There was a screw lid on the top.

“Is this some kind of flask?”

The container didn’t have a finish on it but, it looked rather new as there were no signs of corrosion on it. The warmth of the flask entered my hands.

“But how is it this warm?”

There was no sign of a fire or smoke around.

Since he was still hungry so only its contents interested me and he lost interest in how it was heated.

“Hmm… I wonder what is inside”

However, he could not ignore that metal’s strange combination of  elasticity and and hardness like a ‘Rubbery metal’.

He gripped the bottle.

I moved the container around, but could not open it.

He tried pulling the top off and twisting.

Then a hand came down and twisted the lid opening it as which it placed it on the ground beside me. and went back to the pillar.

As he looked up the man was now walked towards to the pillar.

The idea that he may have been branded an idiot…

He sighed.

His attention was quickly brought to the bottle as the vapours entered his nostrills.

It smelled like alcohol…


An orange hue was cast onto the liquid by the setting sun.

I was hesitant.

“Well… a bit should be ok”

After taking a sip, he quickly downed half of the flask.

Contrary to his first thoughts, the alcohol content appeared to be low, maybe around 2-3%.

“This is what… About half a litre?”

So that was more than just a little…

It appeared to be a cider made from pineapples and golden apple.

After he had finished most the drink, the fatigue he felt had rapidly diminished.

His body was still sore from all the walking but my mind felt especially sharp.

It was like the opposite of alcohol which made ones thinking sluggish and dull.

“What a mysterious beverage.”

But then as he was raised the bottle prepared to take another sip my hand stopped. he gazed into the liquid which held the reflection of a strange face.



It was dusk this one afternoon and an image had formed on the reflection of the drink.

Without even thinking his voice leaked from my mouth…


But then slowly, it dawned on his that it was his face.

Li had only noticed that though his face was largely the same, his ears had become pointed and his hair had changed from black to a light orange colour. His pulse quickened.

“…This is me?!”

He parted his head.

“it’s soft…”


Li’s body had somehow changed while he arrived to this place.

However, After glancing at the man by the pillar who seemed busy, he took off his shirt and examined his upper body.

The fat that had surrounded is abdomen was gone. His pectoral muscles were well defined.  In general, he appeared more fit than that he had remembered.

But as he had began to remove his pants, Li noticed that the man was watching his with suspicion.

“What are you doing?” is what his face seemed to say.

Li froze within the awkwardness, his hands fixed onto my belt.


He released his hands and the man then left to enter the forest.


It was not long before the man returned some fire wood.  He then placed the on the ground and somehow lit a fire.

Li thought it was magic. If one can’t grasp the principle behind an operation, it might as well be magic.

The firewood burst into flames as soon as he had placed his hand onto their surfaces.

Li wondered if he could eventually do the same.

But for now the bright flames of the fire was a godsend to cast away the darkness.

“…there is no doubt that we will pass the night here.”

With some materials and his rock moving abilities the man had made a wind breaker and a tent.

The atmosphere was very different from during the day as the forest became noisy. It appeared that most of the animals here were nocturnal. Li guessed this was the same as back home.

The disparity between the day and night was huge.




In the middle of the night, his sleep was broken by all this a roar so loud that he literally leaped from the ground.


The night was silent unlike before he had fell asleep. The huge wail had silenced the forest. Then after a minute of silence, the sounds continued once again. The moon was last crescent.


A few meters away Li watched the man lazily opened an eye from his meditative stance and got up to face the cliff.

Hide from his sight was that the man face was gloomy and serious. But in the faint light I could feel an uncomfortable sensation being emitted on his back.


Li felt his body become unresponsive and broke out in uncontrolled trembling.

‘what kind of animal can make such a demonic sound?!’

Li, as tired as he was eventually went back to the camp to try to rest despite his terrified condition. But unlike before he had yet to fall into a deep sleep before day broke.

Li ch 2

“Where am I…”

The surroundings were dark; the surrounding scent held that of somewhat musty stink. On the walls were bands of bright and dark lit walls which curved and twisted chaoticly.



Li had remembered that earlier that day he was sent to retrieve something. However, he had ,for some reason, wondered into that strange space…

It appeared to be a transformed version of an alley he saw from the street. He felt an air of forbidden. A feeling that he wasn’t allowed to be there.

But how can such a place be reached by going through alleyway across the street?

Li remember then that he had going deeper into that alley and then…

Next to a long smooth metallic plate with an uneven surface was…

He couldn’t remember.

But was not there was something else…

“what was it agai-?!”

Right then his thoughts severed by pain. His thinking stalled and he struggled to remember my former actions.

It was ‘white’.

“…A cloth?”

It was something that he had reached out to grab.

He held a white cloth that felt rough to the touch.

By now he had arrived at the strange slab of metal and had stooped to inspect the object. His vision had narrowed and his sigh was limited to the slab. Too regular to be random etches, scattered on its surface was something like a script…

But even though it was unintelligible, his pulse quickened. Somewhere deep within, something spoke to him.


Li was awaken to a sight no less confusing as before he fell unconscious. The terms up and down held no meaning as he felt that he was trapped in some sort of three dimensional ping pong machine.

He had not the energy to move and few minutes of becoming more accustomed to the rapid jerking did he become aware that the former brown and grey of the land had been replaced by darker lush greens.

Li was now moving through the trees at an inhuman speed. He was held like how a farmer would hold a full sack on his shoulder. One could guess that such a posture would be uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the sensation of such high speed erratic motion had tempted an eruption of his stomach contents.

Whatever Li had downed for lunch before being suck into this insane situation, he was reminded of it as he gave in to the temptation.


But the man who carried Li couldn’t have cared less. And at the time neither did he. Nothing had changed for a many moments. He soon became numb.


Li felt incredibly tired. Though his eyes and ears ‘worked’ and he could still register sensations from the outside, he felt dead and they couldn’t reached ‘him’.

He eventually noticed a strange questioning eye that peered at him after being placed on the cold earth.

But he ignored it.

The man gave a look as one would when waiting for something to happen.

Li could not care…

But as he remained still, his numbness lessened as he it focused on the faint rhythmic thumping in his chest.

That was the only sound that came into his ear beside distant bird calls.


He had overcame that ordeal.

Once he understood that, he felt joy.

However, some traces of hesitation or resistance remained.

“I’m still alive..”

He heard those words only to notice later that they were his.

Next to Li was the man who had save him. As he had noticed the change in Li, slowly got up from his earlier spot on a boulder and sat closer to him. He leaned on a nearby boulder. But Li had not noticed this.

remembering his earlier encounter made him tense as he had recalled his combat finesse.

Even against the two and with him as dead weight he appear to have been able to fight evenly.

But what did he know?

Numerous questions then began to flow into his mind as if to make up for the time where his rational thought had stalled.

However, there was some sense of accomplishment within is heart.


“Where was this place???”

It was not funny how he had seen a movie play out live. To him, it was ridiculous? The point of fiction was that it couldn’t occur for real. Or was it?


“…Then again fiction does have a strange way of transforming into fact over time.”

“Is that not the case?”


Occasionally, he would read fiction so to get away from his problems for a while. Also he watched movies occasionally.

But a thought came to him whether he had pissed of some god unknowingly and as punishment, banish him to this place.

“But, this makes no sense…”

He held a tendency to mumble on when he was absorbed into his own world, something he had not noticed or had forgotten.

“Maybe this is a reward? Or was I called forth here to do something…”

Maybe under a different scenario he may have been more welcoming but after being greeted with the possibility of death would have damped anyone’s enthusiasm.

To read about someones trials and tribulations is one thing but to be the one to experience them is another. Objectivity and safety is non-existent in the latter.


he could not help be happy after being greeted by reality.

But as he slipped into thoughts he felt he had forgotten something.


His head cleared up after a while. He couldn’t figure out anything…

He slowly stood and inhaled.

The air was clean and pure.

He checked his body. He had not notice any difference to the clothes he had put on in the morning. Although some places at his back were torn which was a given.

His body, though somewhat sore, felt mostly usual.

Li had on him a worn out pair of black jeans which was coupled with a pair of simple sneakers. A somewhat tight t-shirt with the logo of a popular game printed on the back covered his chest. Even the watch attached to his arm was there.

In other words, completely plain…

The clothes he had on was casual despite having to work that day. The place he worked was loose with things like dress code and had flexible hours.


He sighed in relief.

He felt something on his ear.

But as he reach for his ears, there was movement…

The body which had been resting next to him stood up.


The movement was quick but also fluid.

But in actuality, the man had causally rose up from his spot. He had place a hand on his knee as he did.

Li instantly realized his folly. How could he have forgotten about the guy by being consumed by his own thoughts?

It was as if he had suddenly appeared when he got up.

“Thanks for saving me!”

He looked at the man and the man stared back in silence. He wore a stern face, as one would make as if pondering some mystery.

“If you do not mind, could you tell me where this is?”

There was another short pause but this time, the man broke his stern face into a more serious one. He then spoke…

But the words which came out was unknown to me.

‘what language was that?’

Another moment of silence passed before the man spoke to me again. But he was unintelligible.




A foreign world would have its own language. No, it would be truer that Li was the foreigner.

‘It was worth a try though. Can’t expect a fiction like resolution. I already experience good luck and I can’t be greedy.’

However, without the ablitiy to communicate, Li prospects are slim.


‘So isn’t starving is a real possibility?’

Without a source of food, death was a certainty. With a world which seemed to be able to support ridiculous physics and matter manipulation, Li would not even be surprised if this world has a few man eating monsters like dragons. And even worse was that he had no means of avoiding or even defending himself.

His blood ran cold for an instant.

‘…This is ridiculous!’

his face was bitter.

He looked up to the man’s face and understood that his only lifeline was truly this man. But they couldn’t even communicate. So how could he convincing him to help him.

he suddenly felt dizzy.

He placed his hand on my forehead. Sweat also ran down his back.

But as if to empathize his powerlessness, the man began to walking slowly away.

As if by reflex he reached out to him with a hand. But the words go stuck in his throat. Panicked or Not, it was too late to recall his hand so he chose to speak.

But Li stopped. As if sensing his thoughts, the dark skinned belligerent looking man stopped then slowly moved his hand and pointed towards the direction he was facing.


“he want me to follow him!”

Li barely maintained my calm.

“I wonder where this will lead me…”

Li walked toward the direction indicated. As he did, so did he.


Li ch 1 pt 4


Li’s body froze as his cold eyes locked on to him.  It made him bite his lip in frustration. That glare struck him to the likes of a rat being stared down by a snake. In a fraction of a second, He found it harder to breathe. The glare had intensified!

Li saw something like at of a luminescent smoke surrounding the man.  It had raised a sense of crisis from his gut.

He could tell that man had killed many before somehow. His instincts told him so.

The indication of imminent death!

The end…


He didn’t know what he saw or whether it was real but his mind reeled. He wanted to escape this reality. He wanted to deny that of what he currently saw as a nightmare. Li jaw tightened and he stiffened.

He thought it was unforgivable…

If he did.

But he could not ignore what he could see. But all he could taste was a bitterness of fear and confusion. However, He had told himself that he didn’t want to die like this…

Li could not accept it!



A strange bitterness had grown then that had somehow snapped him awake. Like that of a rat willing to bite to the death with a snake.

If I was to die then it would be of my own hand!

That thought had brought a tiny bout of willpower. That spark ignited something hot within him and instantly revived his rationality. But he was also doused with an icy reality check. His mind raced to think of a solution.

Then something clicked…

Even as it was unlikely to succeed, he didn’t want to die.

The man readied his weapon.

He readied his mind.

he felt the tension all leave, and what remained was a calm that he hadn’t understood himself.

“So this is it…”

“Is this how I die?”

These question came to the surface of his mind but although he struggled to push them down, he maintained his focus on the killer.

He forced my eyes to remain open in hope to catch whatever movements he may have made. He had dropped his body center of gravity without realising.

However, as if reacting to this, the opponent vanished.

Between them were only about a few yards. Even though Li was unable to see him, as if triggered by this his body moved. It was a vague sensation but it was enough to spur his body into action.

Li’s muscle ripped and tensed, his lungs exploded as hot air was forcibly expelled. A power blasted out of his back. This tension was guided through his body like a machine. Down his waist and through the hips, legs until it dug into the ground as his shoes sank into the dirt.

A beastly sound left his ears, though loud was deaf to him as he was propelled towards an unknown outcome.


Hesitation was not allowed. In that span as he left the ground, the thought that he may soon become a rotting corpse almost took away his attention.


‘I am the fastest!’

‘I am the strongest!’

‘I will not die here!’

‘I will survive this!’

He knew I was grasping for that slim chance where everything would be ok.

“The choice to be cut down right here is not yours but mine!”

As long as he had decide to not run away like then…

It was enough…

As he became airborne he instinctively closed his eyes.

However in that second, and only for a second he saw him!

In his right arm was the sword, raised in a high stance and primed to come down!

Li reflexively blinked.

Though fear had closed them he I forced them open!

A sense of timelessness could be felt if someone could have seen the world then through Li’s eyes.

In this serene world of silence he could no longer see the sword.

It was gone.

Outside Li area of vision vision, it hid. In that short span of time, he changed his handle of the blade from that which seemed aimed toward the vertical slash to that which he couldn’t tell. Actually he held the blade as so to be able to quick slash at his neck.

Li’s mind was unable to catch up.

But it was ok.

He had tried…


Blood dripped down the blade and onto the ground.


His body had fallen onto the dirt. Li’s neck was bloody.



Behind him was the bare fist fighter.  But he didn’t leave any time for pleasantries and got straight to business by grabbing his collar, once again. However, he placed him onto his shoulders in a fluid motion. In an instant he had moved more than one hundred meter, an acceleration that would make a high-performance sports car blush. At the same time, the rocks underneath his feet blasted leaving the two men hesitating whether to follow him.

Li chapter 1 part 3

He was the most surprised from his own outburst.

But he watched as one of the two pair of eyes on me widened in surprise.

Turning to face the man behind him, Li saw that he held a calm unlike the others. At at the corner of Li eyes he saw that both of the attackers had narrowed their eyes while putting themselves in a strange posture.

Li heart fell as he looked on. He somewhat regret his outburst.

The distance between the two groups remained unchanged and formed a fragile standoff. Li felt the composure of his (temporary?) associate grow firm, probably as he too had made some decision.

Regrettably, Li was forced to rely on his grace.

Something that he had always felt to be mortifying.

The equilibrium shattered in an instant. The temperature of the atmosphere plummeted as one of the gazed on me ‘changed’. he instinctively jolted  body a step backward.


Now, he was left with regretted.


In only a moment he vanished.

His footing suddenly became unstable. His vision was cast to the rocky earth as he fell.

A barely audible pure metallic ring whistled above his head which at this point was not much further from the earth.

His vision was cast to the rocky earth as he fell.

Confusion was plastered on his face.

But he could feel a presence from above.

Li’s eyes stalled on the shadows over the earth for a second.

Right then, an earth shattering rumble together with a loud dull grating sound exploded over his head.

Covering his head with his hands he noticed more pillars of earth at his side.

Li was pressed to the hard earth with a faint pain originating at the base of hi spine as he fell onto his butt.

It was only then that he looked up at his assailant. Li’s eyes became fixated to him.

Wearing a mix of metal armour like that from the Roman legion and a flowing garment like that of religious robes from Japanese kimono together with catholic priest wares. The armour had Black, golden and silver metal that surrounded his forearms, shins, parts of the chest and head while cloth covered the rest.

If it was any other time anyone would have been able to appreciate the workmanship of the pieces as they were was quite beautiful.

Li couldn’t see it as such at the time, his vision too distracted by the strangely plain but fear invoking pole arm.

he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Its shaft held a luster like polished steel which gave it a gleam. The blade was long with a slightly curved and was around a fourth of a metre in length. Together, the pole arm nearly as long as the wielder.

But Li was also drawn beyond the reason of its danger. The strangeness of the sight struck him deeply. Unlike the metal like shaft, blade was made of a type of translucent glass.

The was motion faster before Li could notice anything amiss.

The next scene within his sight was as if to contrast with the earlier beauty of the weapon. Staged between the two people were two pillars of earth which appeared similar to a stalagmite jutting from the ground. One was faced at angle and had a crumbly top with the other one being purely vertical, and having a Plain but unnaturally smooth surface.

Without asking for anyone’s permission, The wild man had leaped into Li’s area of vision. The threat of a kick from his right leg had forced the polearm wielder to retreat a few steps after his blade motion had been dulled by the two pillars. Despite the Polearm wielder swiftness, he was unable the land a killing blow to the witness.

With his grandiose entry, the dark skinned man heavily dropped his foot onto the ground and another tremor rocked the earth which a similar grating sound accompanied it.


Li could not help the cry that that came at sudden ringing  that shocked him as it jumped at his ears from behind.

Upon realising his capabilities or lack of there of, they had decided to attack the weakling so to gain an advantage. He had reflexively turned away from the noise and had moved only a foot away before something flashed. When he came to, A blade had lodged itself a few centimeters from his face and after that was the wall of earth that had stopped it.

Li’s mind was chaotic. Maybe that was why he slowly held out his finger to touch the tip. It was clear that the walls hardness was likely nothing to scoff at as the blade appeared to firmly stuck inside.


But then, a faint glow was produced by the blade just as he was about to ouch the tip. Slowly, but with a speed not too slow, The pillar was cleaved in half.

Li retreated a few steps, like a  cat that was spooked.


The earlier wall that was erected in front of him fell.

The man behind the wall wore similar garment to the polearm wielder. However he was visibly displeased.

In his hand was a semi-clear blade which resembled the pole-arm, bu had lacked its staff and had a curvature and length that was more pronounced.

Li curse the awkward silence that followed as the man had locked eyes with dark skinned man.

Two more pillars of earth suddenly sprung out of the ground and attacked him.

But they were quickly destroyed; They were easily cut along several axes. Li couldn’t even see the movements as the blade sliced through what seemed to be solid stone.

The ground rumbled as a third stone pillar appeared some distance at in an empty location at Li’s flank. But he was too distracted to notice it.


The sound of a high pitched ringing jolted his brain. Surprised, he turned to its source but as he he saw the blade wielder as he retreated until  he was a few steps away.

The staring contest continued between the three of them for a few seconds, then as if to signal the end, the dark skinned man blow furrowed. Li could feel as if something had change after that instant.