Once burning,

now frozen,

My passions have gone cold.

With no flare but a chill,

I’m empty,

and so are my desires.

unable to shiver for my vigor has regressed,

into the ice I stare at it but I can no long reach it.



My ambition turned ambiguous,

my rigor has left me for dead,

but I blame it not…

Dwelling on past thought,

I wonder how I made it so far…


Even when being taught,

the importance of a well placed fight.

When the sparks were lit,

but I had yet to have caught on to it…


Though I told them what I thought was right,

my only wanting was,

to break thought that black night,

With just a pen and paper,

I wanted my voice to Resound past that turbid world’s vapor,

Just once I wanted…

To wake the torpid people,

to raise the torrid cities.

But now it haunts me

And now how they shun me…






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