Li chapter 1 part 2

“What’s this!?”

A bright, wide open space had sprawled within his  sight which contrasted vastly his last memory.

he had remembered that lingering scent of decay, one of old food and urine from that dark alley which he had ventured into for reason he could not remember.

He had forgotten something important…

his eyes scanned the land while his mind quickly skimmed past memory.

However he had failed to recall the moments that lead up to this point.



A shiver run down his spine.

Too consumed with my own thought his sight was hollow but that chill changed that.

His gut turned. A feeling which made him want to vomit. A Cold sweat broke free of his skin and drenched his body.


It didn’t take long for his eyes to stall on a pair of eyes.

Two pairs in fact…

In the middle of the expansive blue sky and the rock green ground, theses set of eyes seemed to be confused as to his appearance however they but possessed a dangerous air which dared him to speak.

He pushed down the feeling of unease as much as he could as he too would have loved it if he was clued in this a cruel joke.

His body also refused to listen to him. He felt cold.

Below their gazes, he laid eyes at on arms in hand.






‘If I moved, I will die.’

This was instinct…

He couldn’t run. Besides where would he run too?

His skin was covered with goosebumps.

And alarm bell were all were sounding off.

There was silence and then it broke.

first a soft utterance left his lips…


“I’m going to die if I don’t do something!”

Then a sound of shifting dirt followed not too soon after.

His foot had unconsciously taken a step backward.

Slowly, his foot rose again peaking slowly as made its way from its zenith then slowly towards the ground. But as it made its descent and only an inch away to the ground he stopped.

Rather he was forced to stop.


The next thing he understood was that he off the ground and being choked by something.


At that moment the world in front of him had gone in reverse and in front of his eyes, the scenery went forward.

It took a second for him to understand that weightlessness was from being hulled backward.


A thick cloud of dust loomed in the air and inside it loomed the Silhouette of a man with a faintly glowing blade.

*Cough! Cough*

The combination of the dust and being choked was hardly pleasant…

The dust cloud slowly dissipated. Somehow it felt as if something had forced me upright.Like as if a pillar had shot out of the ground.


He finally felt the presence of someone behind him. He had been so focused on the two people in front that hadn’t taken time to look behind him.


He could best describe with as such.

Dark skinned and no less than 185 cm, armed with muscle that was tone but powerful was a devil.


He as looked down at him.

But then he realized that it was an illusion as his facial feature, though sharp was human. However, he could feel something in the air around him…

It was sharp, but different than the other two. The feeling, it was somehow out of place…

But the situation had not changed, and while he understood that he was saved by that man, he couldn’t be entirely grateful after being choked as he did.

One of the me vanished.

At the same time he was swag around.

It was too quick.

He was sharply tossed around like a rag doll without knowing why.

All he saw were flashes of light in my previous location as someone seemed to throw swings and thrusts of something .


The disorientation caused by the rapid evasion manoeuvres compounded with each attack  quickly mixed hate, fear and gratitude into a bitter complex feeling of powerlessness.


The disorientation made him begin to go somewhat stupid.

I felt a serious urge to vomit my guts out but as I was about to lose consciousness my body flopped down hard onto the earth.

A haterd began to form for his sitation.


But at the same time was he ever as happy to be stationary again?

“What is going on here!!!”

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