Li ch 1 part 2

“What’s this!?”

The bright, wide open space that sprawled within my sight contrasted vastly with the dark, narrow alley in my memory.

I remembered that the lingering scent of decay which had surrounded me was now gone together with the reason why I had even ventured into that alley to begin with.

There was a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something important…

My eyes scanned the land as my mind quickly tried but failed to process the events leading to my current situation.


I felt a shiver run down my spine. Too consumed with my own world, my eyes may have been keen but my sight was hollow.

But this feeling changed that. Such an unforgettable sensation…

My gut turned and I almost vomited. Cold sweat instantly broke free of their glands and drenched my body.

their sweeping motions had stalled on a pair of eyes.

Actually, two pairs in fact…

But the malevolence that escaped from one pair easily dwarfed the other.


In the middle of the expansive blue sky and the rock green ground, the set  of eyes unfairly seemed to ask where the hell I came from but possessed atmospheres as if to dared me to speak.

Pushing down the feeling of terror, I too would love it if I was able to go back to whence I came you know.

But what little breathing room my mind gained my body lacked. It refused to listen to me. Not that it could as my mind still reeled from terror.

past their gazes, I layed eyes at their arms in hand.





I wanted to ran away.

But remained still.

‘If I moved, I will die.’ This was instinct…

Goosebumps were shooting forth like the alarm bells, all were sounding off at the same time.

Then in the unbroken silence, a sound left my lips…


My foot had unconsciously taken a step backward. The crunch of the dirt by the careful compression of my sole was transmitted to me.

Realising that there was no change from the two, my foot again rose to take another, peaking slowly made its way from its zenith slowly towards the ground. But before it began its descent, I was choked by something.


At that moment the world in front of me had gone in reverse and in front of my eyes, the scenery went forward. However it was when I felt that weightlessness which seem to lull forward that I knew that something actuality it was actually  before I felt my back being burned as It met the ground. In my area of vision fell A thick cloud of dust loomed in the air and inside it loomed the Silhouette of a man with a faintly glowing blade.

*Cough! Cough*

The combination of the dust and being choked was hardly pleasant…

The dust cloud slowly dissipated. Somehow it felt as if something had forced me upright.Like as if a pillar had shot out of the ground.


There was a presence behind me. I had been so focused on the two people infront that I had failed to look behind.

When I did, who I saw could be describe in one word:


While I knew that he had saved me from becoming one with the earth, I was not expecting what I saw as I turned around. Dark skinned and no less than 185 cm, armed with muscle that was tone but powerful was a devil. But then I realised that it was an illusion as his facial feature, though sharp was human. However, I could feel a cold chill in the air around him…

It was sharp, but diffent than the other two. The feeling, it was somehow out of place…

But the situation had not changed, and while I understood that I was saved by that man, from the pain on my back and neck, it didn’t Immediately feel like I was ‘saved’.

I was sharply tossed around  like a rag doll without knowing exactly why. All I saw were flashes of light in my previous location as someone seemed to throw swings and thrusts of something .

‘damn it! it’s like I’m being hanged!’

The disorientation caused by the rapid evasion manoeuvres compounded with each attack  quickly mixed hate, fear and gratitude into a bitter complex feeling of powerlessness.

up! down! up! down! left! right! left! right!

diagonals were thrown in for kicks.

My hatred boiled as I was repeateded hanged.

I felt a serious urge to vomit my guts out but as I was about to lose consciousness my body flopped down hard onto the earth.


…My god, was I ever happy to be stationary again.


Through my feet were heavy, I didn’t hesitate to stand.

“Fuck! What is going on here!!!”


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