Li Ch1 part 1



Well I posted this ch before some else but I now want to change it up more. My aim to to make a non-conventional protagonist that is weak in fighting but has an interesting style of combat when cornered. One quite important the grand scheme of things but is only one man in the world. This is my first work bear with me. Tips are welcomed!



The sweet sound of a woman’s voice entered my ears and with it came an awareness that had been stolen away…


As she called his name, A fog, like a haziness cleared.


Inside the gentleness of the voice contained an anxiousness…

But who did the voice belong  too?

However, a sudden and strong dullish pain came over his forehead.

Awakened, he could taste earth and iron on his tongue. There were also grainy texture mixed in with the taste. It was the taste of dirt and blood.


he unsteadily rose up and stabilized his legs. Like a clogged filter, time to him seemed only a trickle.

“forehead hurts…”

He touched his forehead.


His hand Recoiled due to the A sharp pain that had emanated from the site. From its stickiness, he had realized that it was coated with blood.

As he looked down to the hand, his fingers were no doubt bloodied.


He couldn’t remember the last tasks before then dispite his struggles. The only thing that was vauguely clear was something strange…

“A white dog and-”

mumbling some incomprehenable words he breathing had become more ragged

“ A dark alley…”

The only things that came to his mind were the images of a white dog and a dark alley.

his thoughts returned to his hands as he stared at the redness at its tips.

“I must have cut myself from when I fell.”

“Head wound do tend to bleed a lot but I didn’t think it was worth worrying over. The blood had already started to clot anyway. I’ll need to patch it somehow”

It was then that he noticed the bright white light of the outdoors.

The warmth that stroked his skin became the something he now had registered apart from the pain and the iron like taste. In response he looked up as to find beams of sunshine piercing the heavens.

A heat on neck like that of a late morning. A warm bright sunshine like any one would wish for. But now, that light made a sick feeling well up from his gut…

…that it was afternoon when he had last checked.


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