Li chapter 1 part 2

“What’s this!?”

A bright, wide open space had sprawled within his  sight which contrasted vastly his last memory.

he had remembered that lingering scent of decay, one of old food and urine from that dark alley which he had ventured into for reason he could not remember.

He had forgotten something important…

his eyes scanned the land while his mind quickly skimmed past memory.

However he had failed to recall the moments that lead up to this point.

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Some poem…

On a road where a chilly wind blows,
All but devoid of souls,
one treks its edges,

In such a cold world,
With little warmth from others,
where the path lays bare,
unsteady ,each step taken is painfully light.
Annoyed at his progression,
sometimes trapped with a precession,
But even through regression,
His purpose although vague, He is is resolute.
Buffeted by thorny winds,
surrounded by darkness,
Without direction,
the fire his eyes have yet to smother.
His appearance is ragged,
His life ticks,
But so does his feet.
Each step is heavy,
his body thin,
But he is the windbreaker to the vultures’ wings.
His actions are unbecoming the world,
His looks crass,
In failure it is destiny,
In success it is luck…
But to his being,
those are trifling matters,
as it is only the beginning,
For he is the pioneer

Li Ch1 part 1



Well I posted this ch before some else but I now want to change it up more. My aim to to make a non-conventional protagonist that is weak in fighting but has an interesting style of combat when cornered. One quite important the grand scheme of things but is only one man in the world. This is my first work bear with me. Tips are welcomed!



The sweet sound of a woman’s voice entered my ears and with it came an awareness that had been stolen away…


As she called his name, A fog, like a haziness cleared.


Inside the gentleness of the voice contained an anxiousness…

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Hello world

This site will be dedicated to my wannabe novel which is title-less for now. I will also posting some poems( if you can call them that) here also. This site aims to keep me motivated so constructive comments are welcomed. While I don’t like overly blunt comments, I do appreciate the time taken to write them. I hope visitors will find something of interest here and maybe use that for inspiration of their own.