Crude set of thoughts?


The things we do when others don't see,
Tell ourselves who we are.

To show kindness under veils.
is not for others but our hearts.

To shed tears for our brothers,
To share strength without interest,
Even when we have none,
Allows us to laugh through our own pain, 
and gives us the power to when stand alone.

For we carry any act in our hearts,
And experiences within our ideals,
and will use to continue to dream, 
desire and drive,
Through each waking day. 
So, be sure that who you are today,
was who you wanted to be yesterday...


Where am I?
Where am I?
A long time past, I think?
And I can't see where to turn too...

My mind is stained.
My hands are empty.
I have lost my sights.
And what I have known are questioned.

Where am I?
Where am I?
A long time past, I think?
And I can't see where to turn too...

I am exhausted...
Did my eyes lie?
In this state I ask,
Are not I on murky ground?

Where am I?
Where am I?
A long time past, I think?
And I can't see where to turn too...

For what can move are ugly thoughts.
A bitter taste creeps to mouth.
and words I would've never say,
now revel in my plight. 

"Where am I?"
"Where am I?"
"A long time past, I think?"
"And I can't see where to turn too..."

Mock me not!
with your words.
For you are not!
For I am lost only for your minute.
But you are not.

Hope and I


From birth,
my first breath,
called hope.
Gifted life,
it went within.

In Hope's absence,
I can see.
A deathly stillness,
Dim eyes Dewelling.
Those hollow husks,

my will,
It burns hot,
It incenarate demons.
And its light
illuminate my way,
Through this darkness.

This looming shadow,
In my heart,
Will always presist.

I am weak...
To sustain,
To remain,
I bandish will,
And beckon hope,
So I will live.



Cut from the Cloth,
It dangles on the wind.
Without ties, it is there.
Without direction, it exists.
Without a cause and without a purpose, it continues.
It floats alone, but when does it end?
On a breeze barely be able to blow,
Gently it goes.
Far away.
Till no one knows.


It has been a while…

Well, I aimed to make a post each day since I started this blog. I can’t believe how hard that have failed. However, I have been able to formulate most of the important points of my story in the meanwhile on good old paper. I could have continued my story online earlier but decided against it. I also think I’ll revamp the last three chapters so yeah that need to me done.

In addition, I have been busy trying to learn all sorts of stuff encompassing foundational mathematics, embedded systems, computer science. I have a keen interest in information systems and telecoms which I read about when I can. But I must admit that I have put a significant amount of time into reading light novels and  Chinese wuxias. But they did teach me the general flow of how a novel can go. Unfortunately, I have also gained the impression that a lot of them nowadays a simple wish fulfillment without much substance behind it. I hope I don’t fall into this trope sigh…

well, I think I will also post other thoughts about what I’m reading much more frequently. Maybe if I can somehow figure out how to generate some revenue with my content without upsetting visitors will make me more committed. After all, a man need to eat right?

I post some more poems soon.


Li Ch 7 Insight 2

He placed the book that he held onto the table and slid it across. It spun as it drew a straight line to me until it stopped just as it reached my hands. Startled, I looked down to the page it was on. Some of the writing appeared bolded. But at the top of the page was ‘The origin of the world – The Will’ . I look to him but he seemed to edge me to the open book.

The book held new indentations on the pages which appear to be markers inserted by Flow. bolded sentences stood out. Without further thought, I read those sentences.

“-One common element of all the cultures encountered is the principle that one’s perception of the world can directly affect  the environment. Upon examination of the many historical anecdotes and records encounter, It is difficult to say conclusively whether this element was present before the advent of alwright language but it appears the case.”.

It was clear that he was talking about this ability…

But to be looking for the origin of the world…

How grand…

We have had philosophers and religionists attempt this since the dawn of time. Now we have physics…

The only things that have changed are the tools used to understand the world.

From religion to philosophy to science… I wonder is this is just a common element of humans even across worlds…

I wonder is this is just a common element of humans even across worlds…


The surrounds all seem to await me to continue reading, it silence didn’t allow for anymore distracting thoughts.

However, it was clear that I need to read this information in its entirety as soon as possible.

“-It appears that the knowledge of one’s desires being able to generate external phenomena was ever present. But eventually, the importance of ‘intent’ was understood independently across many cultures. But strangely, location dependence and the determination that a concentration of some unknown substance was a variable in the persistence and intensity of the phenomena was not. It appears that this likely fact eluded many but a few more progressive bodies…”

I don’t get it

Why is he making me read this?

Annoyed at the lack of context, I scanned the page until a paragraph stuck out

“‘Desires’ originate in the mind and ‘intent’ ends within the world. To connect the two is one goal. And to do so is to use the concept of Will. The concept of Will is all but one in which this is achieved.  “


Desires,Intent, and Will?

So does this means that if one thought of an outcome results in such an outcome being realized?

He may have given me an answer but it sure is cryptic as it can get. But I still need him to answer the most pressing question.

I  slowly closed the book and placed it besides me.

“So… Why did you save me?”

Flow, who at some point had taken another volume, continued to flip the pages of the book without any change.

I looked towards him trying to hide my eagerness as best as I could under the circumstances.

“Do I need a reason to rescue someone in a perilous state?”

But he said only these words.



The only sound in the room were the periodic flips of pages. This must have been one of those huh…


“I wasn’t lying when I said you are interesting, I just don’t see them all too often these days. But even then, when I saw you it was like…”

His tone remained even but I could hear it became increasing more enthusiastic and excited. And frankly, I felt a chill run down my spine.

“Sigh…I guess you can say its complicated”

“But, I felt you could help me with a problem I have been facing.”

Li ch 6 Insight

The desires of men remain unfulfilled even when their blood has become rust.  They are fools who seek glory even without purpose. Their ambitions burn lives and scorch the earth. The ashes and smoke stifled out the light of hope for many. Thus such a fate is fitting for them. To be bound by the curses of many. Let them roam and maybe they will understand…

If they can then, then there is hope for me.



Flow spoke slowly.

His voice reverberated within the closed space. This face, which was cast towards the table were upon me once again.

He carried a look filled with some type of understanding as if he saw through me completely. The hair on my neck stood up. His eyes remained on me for a few minutes but then returned down to the books he had carried into the room.

“It is strange…”

He spoke with a dragging tone as if speaking to none in general. Thus I remained silent, waiting for him to continue. His voice had trailed to a mumble for whatever reason but it confused me as to what he was talking about.

“I thought you would draw it out more…”

Maybe his voice had a tinge of disappointment or so I thought because his next words confused me.

“I had suspected you have an unusual history but even that is hard to believe…”

“You are not lying to me? Or are you ?”

I could not help my face contorting under the pressure of his gaze but I remained resolute and shook my head. I could feel sweat forming on my brow.

“Humph, not like you have it inside you to do so anyway

…Somehow, his word just then pissed me off a bit.

As if sensing this, smiled as if to edge me on.

This guy personality-

is trouble for sure.

But what choice did I have but I not give him a reason to kick me out. That is, if he had not one already.

And that means keeping my mouth shut for now.


As he spoke, he took a book into his hands languidly and casually opened it. It was the same book that I had earlier -‘Vol 1’.

But did he really believe my story? Such a crackpot sounding tale?

Such a crackpot sounding tale?

“You must have questions…”


“I’ll answer a few”

So he has a conscience?

He says that only answers those that he wants to. While I never considered myself to be a prideful guy, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself right now.

“I don’t think it’s fair to me to have interrogated someone so harshly when he has not done anything wrong.”

“…So where is this”



“This place-”

He turned his sight from one end to the room to another.

“-is my base of operation. I use this place to process my research so you are in luck.”

Is he a researcher?

“It has been a long time since I started so this place is a trove information. It’s kind of my life’s work.”

So if that’s the case it could be that…

Let me see…

“You know about similar cases like me don’t you?”

He closed his eyes

” one thing one should learn is to when you should push and pull”

“give and take…”

Seriously what is this guy talking about?

“-Another is this world is filled with possiblities…”

Where was he going with this?

“-and I lived a long life”

“It not that strange to think that you came from another world”

“Unusual as it is not impossible.”

He must have read about a similar case. I was about to press on but his words stuck me as a warning.

He kept his gaze on me as he awaited my response.


I wondered if he was testing me. Either way, I would better make more sense of my situation than develop conjecture.

“…But this library, where is it? ”

He nodded slowly

“The Black region of the Green Sea”

Green Sea?

a forest?

That would make sense…

But the ‘Black region’?

“We are on its edges”

“Is not a place where one should dwell for long…”

He is being vague.

“Well… apart from exceptions”

“like you?”

He laughed softly and nodded. A small smile formed.

I continued


“There are many reasons, but the most important is that you will get lost and meet a horrible fate”


“This place, does everyone has superpowers?”

“Super powers? What are those? ”

“Like cutting through rock and controlling the earth”


He seemed to ponder my words more deeply than I expected.

” So, does your world have superpowers?”

“Only in fiction!”


After a short while, Flow broke the silence.

“What comes to mind is something called Path Tracing. Have you heard of it?”

How does he expect me to know such things?

“No… What is it?”

“There are many forms, but it can be summarized as tracing one’s desires to one’s intent throughout the medial layer. Its an embodiment of a great will which is ever present here.”

“As ubiquitous as it is here and as simple as the concept is, many people study the phenome for much of their lives.”

“What do you mean by ubiquitous? Do you mean than anyone can use it?”

“Though there extremely rare exceptions, that is the case. Not just people but even beasts do.”

I wonder…

“So, Can I learn to use it?”

A wide grim appeared on his face

“You should.”


…At least that what I would like to think.”


Li ch 5 the old man

The air lay stagnant between the trees.  In a forest of few sounds, one would wonder whether there was any life here at all. But if one did traverse this land whether by foot or through the canopy, the answer would be clear to ‘trained eyes’.  A dissonance would set in within them causing unease, a feeling which only increased the deeper one went within the sea of trees…


I stood  at the edge of a cliff. Blood and gore dyed the area in red with the remains of the what had attacked me. While my left shoulder was only slightly injured from where the hit some pain remain. But I was mostly unharmed.

After some the pain quickly retreated…


It was unusual. began to feel unease.

The beast was frenzied…

It was a threat I couldn’t take lightly while under this environment. Therefore it had taken a few minutes to dispatch.

I had not felt its presence until the very last moment which was very strange even for this place.

Further still, it was far from its normal dwelling spot.

“Can ‘they’ be related?”

I thought back to that night…

Whatever it was, it was like the ‘land’ itself was angry.


My heart skipped a beat.

The weird feeling I had then, was it pointing to this?

“It can’t be…!”

I thought back to the man who I failed to save. Hopefully t

The was a stream below so he shouldn’t have died. But if he remains in the water for too long, not even that can save him if he gets swept to sea.

There was no point in continuing on this line of thought.

“…I’m sorry.”

“But I can’t delay any longer”

I descended along a rocky path down the cliff…


As I fell, my wailing mercilessly pounded my own ears. Then together with a loud splash, I felt a pain which momentarily caused a black out. But then the water which entered my windpipe force me awake and drove frantic motions of a man clawing at the intangible water. The current was strong, too strong. My head repeatedly oscillated at the river surface.

My attempts to remain afloat were largely in vain as the river had dragged me underneath several times. My vision began to lapse. The current was strong and my body felt weak after trying to fight the current.After one such lapse, I found myself clutching onto something buoyant.

At some point in time, the sky bright blue was now dim and a red was present. The current  had slow significantly and my mind was on the verge of failing.  My body now shivered, too long had I been immersed in the cool water.


For some reason, the current seemed to slow. I awoke from my languidness and anxiously eyed everywhere I could put my eyes on. Now within a deep meander, the water along the inner edge of the river had significantly slowed. The next thing I could remember was that I had beached myself onto the shore, suffering with tiredness unlike I had ever felt before. I forced myself from the shore and leaned onto a tree trunk. My body sagged down to the ground, and I lay slumped face towards the ground.




Panting heavily, I struggled to keep conscious and fought against the loaming darkness. But before I could make sense of my location, the last bits of light had faded.

It couldn’t tell whether the darkness was around me or between my eyes and the world.



My eyes were greeted with an unusual looking celling. I stared at the surface, unable to make out its fine features due to its distance and the lack of sufficient light. Dimly lit, the room in which I was had also a faint musty smell. I felt I was on something firm.

My exhaustion had lessened, but I in no could say that I was in all wellness.


In its steed were strong pangs of hunger.


I dragged my hand over my face and softy breathed a sigh of relief.

But where was I and How did I get here? And for what reason was I bought here? I sat up while pondering these questions only to focus on a bookshelf close by which was filled with strange eight inch by six inch ‘books’.

The ‘bookshelf’ could just barely be called as such; It was of crude construction. The shelves made of irregular planks of wood in a manner which suggested that the owner only cared for practicality.

Ignoring my hunger, I walked towards the books after getting up from my resting spot with slight difficulty.

But where was this place? the last thing I could remember was dragging myself ashore. Anything else is a ‘No Go.’

I reached out to grab one of the books.

The bookshelf was filled with them.

My thoughts were that maybe these books could give me some clues to where this place was. Well, with the condition I could read them. But there was another reason…

To be honest I was scared. This place was almost the textbook definition of a prison as describe in any novel. With no windows and only a dim light source to keep the darkness at bay of a mere six or so feet, It was only missing iron bars and a lazy guard to be complete.

I needed to occupy myself a bit.

I looked at the cover of the book. There was no title except the words, HL vol 1.

I opened the cover but was surpised at the contents on the first page. The entire paper was cover with neat scribbles. I stared at the them in disbelief.

While they looked like the scribbes from the alley, the difference lay in that I could read them!

“I don’t get it but, I think I shouldn’t question this now.”

“I might as well use it.”

The first page was  a table of contents however many of the terms were foreign to me. But among many terms I pick out the following:


The purpose of this book

World map

The origin Danger Zone



“Looking at the big picture, I need to know am I. But if I don’t even know how the world I’m am in looks then forget it.”

“I need bearings.”

But why was I kept with these books to begin with? Did the Host want me to stay occupied?


But as I turned the page, something moved in the darkness!

I dropped the book in haste and assumed a fighing stance, not that it would have done any good given what I have seen.

“Who are you?!”

“My… My”

A voice left the darkness.

“So the stranger has an interest in my ‘records’…”

I was startled at the sudden appearance of the gruff voice, which made my hand freeze in mid-air. I rigidly turned to the source to see the appearance of an old man slow materializing from the darkness.

“Hmm… You are interesting, young man”

He casually walked toward me while I remained unable to move. He only stopped when a few feet from me. while his facial features were not too clear in this lighting, the deep wrinkles on it was obvious.  He wore a white robe which was on the verge of turning into rags. However, apart from this was nothing too different form a regular old man.

He being a full head shorted than I was looked up to my face, in which I could sense the casualness in his demeanour and a general lack of fear. That confidence was both simultaneously soothing and yet, unnerving.

“I wouldn’t have guessed that anyone would take interest in these old records…”

He wrote this? What is he then? Then why put me here?

“I placed you here because this area was the safest place for you to recover.”

And he surprisingly read my mind…

This made me more nervous…

It was a glaring question and he could have simple preempted it but still…

His words were clear and articulate but he appeared to drag his words for whatever reason. His being gave off an air of interlect like a scholar or scientist.

Then the elepahnt in the room stared at me.

‘Wait… I can understand him. But why now?’

Since communication is a two way street, I gambled on a possiblity.

“Hey old man, where is this?”

His displeasure at my query was clear.  Even I was surprised by how rude my own words sounded.


“I’m sorry, but for some reason I talk like this… I really can’t help it…”

“-but I don’t know what else to call you…”

“Do you have a name?”

‘Do you have a name?! Urgh!  that sounds horrible. This is a pain! ‘

The man’s face seemed to going into on of thought. His tension appeared to drop at my explaination.

‘But I’m thankful for being able to communicate.’

My thoughts were broken by the next word of the old man.

“…I see. That is indeed the case. Still, your rude words from earlier…”

I could tell that he had a kin eye on my face on which I wore an apologetic face.

“…I’ll ignore it.”

“Call me Narr Flow.”


I looked directly at the man as he spoke with a bit of haughtiness.

Trying to envision him as if he were a superior at work had allow me to reign in my nervousness somewhat. But it surly was placed on a shaky foundation.

Was he the one who took me from the river bank? I could see no reason as to why he may have done so.

Then again so did that man…

I nearly died twice in one day…

Just how dagous was this place?

Even with the questions I already had, this world seemed to be thrusting more toward me. There was even the question of why I could now understand this man’s words.

But I couldn’t complain now. Even if I could, who would I complain to? When I thought about this, I felt as if I had forgotten something important.

Anyway, it wasn’t time for such thoughts…

If he wanted to kill me I would never have awaken. In addition, he even came out to greet me. Despite this, kindness was not free. I had to pay up sooner or later.

I may have tossed out the idea that this was a dream but I could not deny that its shadow still remained in my minds recesses.

The old man smiled and for a moment I worried whether if he could see past my façade. The thought made me cringe silently. But then he did not say anything else then but only turned to look at the bookshelf. I unwarily followed his eyes and searched through the few book to the ones he had his eyes on. In a swift but causal motion, he reached up, taking them off the shelf and into a pile that grew with each volume.  But he removed the first of the book retrieved and to my surprise tossed it toward me.

After a short while, He had removed three books in total, including the one that I currently held. Looking down at the book, I quickly knew that it was the one that I originally tried to take before I was interrupted by his entrance. He glanced upward, taking a passing glance at my face before uttering the words “Come…”

After he spoke, he body seemed to move with awkwardness that some of his age may have.  However, this could have been a play on my eyes, seeing this that may not have existed or that were meant to be seen. Whatever the reason, the man strolled into the darkness and I followed him while showing a slight bit of hesitation on my face.


Surprisingly, beyond the darkness were eventually a table with a few chairs. However, surrounding these were vast set of books lined on numerous shelf of around my height. The lighting here was greater than that of the earlier room, such that it was enough to see without issue. Curious to its source, I looked upward to the celling to find luminous objects transparent like that of crystal attached.  I unwittedly gasped at the unexpectedness of the entire scene; the tranquillity of the surrounding made this place appear to be an ideal reading space.



Before I realised I had muttered out these words. The old man remained silent, but now wore a slight grin together with a faint glint in his once sleepy eyes.

‘I guess no matter where, people want the things they like to be praised…’

Seeing the lack of windows and the crystal like lights made me wonder whether this place was underground. Strangely, while the air was still cool as before, it no longer held the dampness from earlier…

With the combination of the two reminding me of air conditioning…

I might as well shoot for it.

“Am I still in the forest?! Why is such a place here?”

As I spoke, the old man turned to me.

“So you understand…”

Given such a place, why would he bring me here?

“Well it’s not that it matters. Anyway, sit. ”

His words contained a mild fervour, and for some reason it felt familiar to me. It reminded me of when one would feign disinterest as to hide interest. But such an action would have been illogical based on his on introduction.  Or maybe it was that my earlier comment pleased him more than I initially believed it would.

‘Maybe he is more interested in me than me lets on…’

Soon, I found myself at a rectangular table with rounded edges on a seat that felt firm but pleasant.  While the two books Flow held was placed on his right, I took the book given to me that I had yet to open into my hand.

It had no title and the binding appeared to be made of a substance reminiscent of crystal. The cup from before flashed through my mind. But as interesting as it was, my attention couldn’t stray away from the old man who sat only a few feet away.  I returned the book to the table on my right when I saw that the old man appeared ready to speak.

“First, I must warn you that trying to deceive me will result in me immediately osting”

“Not even the strong ones dare to venture the forest at night using the paths.”

“In this forest, for the weak such as you, you will not last a few minutes there…”

These words were met with a silence which underscored his seriousness. He had already grasped that I was a foreigner to these parts from the little time that I knew him.

Looking at his pose, I already understood that he thought little of the threat.

I recalled that howl…

It was super effective.

But I questioned whether it was more dangerous for me to produce the truth. I scratched my scalp.

I wonder if he would believe me if I told him the truth.

If the situation was reversed, I would think I was crazy.

that was common sense-!

I had no idea of the ‘common sense of this world’ so I couldn’t asses it with any confidence.

What should I say?


The silence was broken as the old man leisurely continued.

“Now I’ll ask…”

He paused with his arm, no his elbow firmly on the table and his cheek on his fist; his face held eyes that now carried a tranquil look as if mocking the severity of my situation.

Like a sort of maleviolence against my future, his eyes were cold and gazed in my general direction. They were the sort that a person who had seen much ‘things’ in his life, maybe too many things. But the man also spoted a slight smuck as if interested in my future response. The feeling of dissonance was surely real now.

I placed my hands to the table and slow rubbed my chin as I look at the smooth surface of the table. I had cast my eyes away, unable to bare that look any longer. He could see throught me is what my instinct told me and I had no intention of becoming some strange beast’s meal.

I inhaled softly then spoke while exhaling with equal force.



Sensing the change I me, Flow glaze lessen and he returned to a more neutral state as if to allow me to speak.

“It’s not that I want to lie but I am fearful that it would be the truth that may be a problem.”


I raised my head. I looked at Flow. I wondered if this was wise choice. My tongue felt somewhat heavy from my hesitation and my mind drifted to the beads of sweat that crept down my brows.



“I don’t think I’m from anywhere around here”

“You don’t think? Are you taking me for a fool?”

As if sarcastically showing that I was stating the obvious, he raised his brow while still maintaining eye contact.

But apart for this, he sat with general disinterest. Or what I saw might have been something else. Was it instead disappointment? I couldn’t tell from his demeanour, but something change then. But he had remained silent. I took that as a sign to continue.


“I don’t know how I came here…”


“I… When I thought at least I had found some temporary safe haven”

“We got attacked by only god what and got separated!”

“After that, I fell, and then nearly drowned in a river but then I find myself here!”

“such a crazy place…”

“From almost being killed by whacko godknowwhat and saved by some half naked guy that looks like some thug.”

“I was just heading back to my office and then I…”

Somehow I felt it would be best not to mention what I found in the alley.

“next thing I know I was somehow caught between a fight”

“… and I still don’t know where I am!”

My inner face contorted due to my lack of control of my speech. But it felt immensely good to vent of stress even if it may not have been at an appropriate time. And it was this fact that made my heart beat in a rhythm sounded by a mixing of fear and passion.

I placed my hand on my face.

‘At the very least, I need to make the best of what I have.’

However, as I looked at the old man face, I was stunned. He hadn’t changed his facial expression even through that little outburst of mine. No, there was a slight change in his eyes. The old man eyes, which was first lazy then force had returned to its original lazy look. However mixed in was a sharpness that I could somewhat recognize.

But this explanation would exclude the strange aura that I felt in my surrounding. Feeling such a strange sensation, I instinctively responded and jerked upward due to my surprise.  It felt a bit disgusting for whatever reason.

“…Hoh, interesting”

Confused at the old man comment, and I had no doubt that this fact was visible to him as it was likely clearly shown to him through my facial expression. He sounded genuinely interested in my story. But I had expected him to be of the more impatient folk.  Or was it something else?

‘Thinking back he did call me that before…’

I took him to be of the more straight forward type and thought that if maybe if there was some sort of mind reading skill he would have used it already. Maybe he did.

‘Well, whatever…’

‘Or was he enjoying my displeasure?’

It didn’t add up. I was getting more unsettled. A cold feeling began to setting at the nape of my neck.

‘Did I read wrongly? Well whatever, I might as well push forward ’

“I didn’t know people move at such insane speed or cut through rock with swords”

“Seriously what sort of…”

“You have yet introduced yourself…”

“Right… Sorry.”

I stopped momentary and scratched my check, embarrassed about such an oversight.

“My name is Li, Li Byr”

“… I see”

There was a period were nothing was said by either of us. Under the gentle light from the crystal which illuminated us, this surreal space felt even more empty and spacious than it was. For this quiescence, I became lost in the quietness, even if it was a strangely inappropriate time to do so.

However ,my mouth had move to break this stillness, even without my knowledge…

“I only remember me leaving work to go drop off data to one of our partners at an office and then got lead around…”

Then for some reason a white piece of, ‘paper?’ floats out of an alley”

What am I saying?

At that moment I experienced a crippling headache.

But my memory which were vaugue before seemed to have cleared up significantly.

But I needed to pause to make sense of the new information.

Back then what I saw was a metal slab and a big white dog…

No, it was more like a wolf.

A white wolf…

my face changed as I tried to remember more.

“There were some flashing strange ‘lights’, but when I came too I was smack in the middle of a fight.”

“There is nothing else I can say that you would want to know”

It may not be able to lie but I now thought that it was probably not a good decision to divulge everything.


For the first time, Flow stroked his chin…







Li Ch 4

Upon awakening, I was greeted to blue heaven streaked with the residual tint of the red dawn. Faintly hungry, I stood outside of the tent alone.

After calming my panic, I surveyed the area and soon found something amiss in the middle of the clearing.  I approached, I was greeted with an elevated

I approached it.

There was an elevated mound of rock that had not been there yesterday. It was only a few feet higher than the surroundings. On its flat top was the man. He sat at its the centre.


But even stranger was that there was an eerie halo of light with peculiar markings of various colours rotating slowly on top of his head. The ring covered what looked like a five to eight-meter radius. But the halo itself look around no more than a tenth of a meter thick.  Below the ring was a shadow. The shadow was quite visible.

The ring’s sole occupant spoke, his mouth voiced noise filled with meanings, incomprehensible to me.

I watched as there was a sudden change in the formation after a few minutes. The ring dimmed, its rotation slowed sharply almost stopping completely until it was just a crawl. Its light was like that of the faint glow of florescent paint. But in return, the man’s right hand shone faintly which then peaked in a fierce brightness. A Golden light it was, intense but I found it calming. There was no doubt in my mind that it held a power of the mind and may even be able to sway the mind from its owner’s path.

Moving his right hand to his forehead with his pointing, and index fingers straight and while he curled his free hand to a half open palm. The light seemed to concentrate to these fingertips after which he meets them with the centre of his palm left hand. There was beam of light which seemed to flow from a small halo which had formed on his right index finger. Then separating his right from left, he placed his left palm onto the earth.

A flash of light rose from the earth which forced me to raise my arms in defence from the brightness. It was truly spectacular.

As I turned back to the spectacle, an additional halo surrounded him. The shapes inscribed onto it seemed to want to leap from the figure as the constantly shift even more than the last halo. But as if to signal the climax of the event, He closed his right hand into a fist. The surrounding temperature seemed to spike in that moment. I could feel a heat shift around my stomach as if my body had reacted to whatever he did.

The ground shook.

He then it opened. It was empty before but now there was rock which shone like a small sun. No, it would be better described as the glow of the moon within the black night. The shiny crystal held that feeling of nobility. He then placed it next to his left hand which he thrust into the elevated earth. His whole hand up to his wrist seemed to meld into as it then sunk into the rock. lines of light formed on the ground which disappeared as quickly as they came. Moments later he took off his right hand and where there was only rock before now had a shiny translucent crystal ring.

“What was that is heaviness?”

I looked around. I thought it become difficult to breathe for a moment. But it was gone.

“I wonder what was that?”

I turned to face the ring with a gentle blue glow.


The surroundings seemed to slowly return to the one he had become familiar with yesterday. After a few second, he tossed me the ring. I caught it, this time without any hesitation. I examined it.

As I held it, a cool feeling seeped through my skin as if it was as if it was made with from transparent ice. At the sight of this, I was reminded of the weapons that were welded again us yesterday.

‘The two are likely related somehow.’

I then saw from the corner of my eye that the man motioned me to wear it on my right index finger. It was odd being asked to do this without knowing why. I had a few ideas for the ring’s purpose but either way I had to put it on. Therefore I did as to want was asked without any resistance.


Soon after this, He seemed to have restored the place to how it appeared before we arrived after we had eaten. The pillar sank into the earth. As he made what seemed to be a last round about the place, he grabbed a bag with what I assumed was filled with to be food and drink. I was tossed a similar bag. Upon closer inspection, the bag felt like a high-class leather and the opening was bound by a thick string and straps. Opening it confirmed  my assumption but it also contained some kind of cloth or fabric.


Some distance away from the clearing but still within short walking distance was a stream. It was convenient as my thirst had become unsettling. I confirmed that my hair was indeed  white and my skin took on a more ash brown-grey tone. I reached out to fill my cup with the clear liquid.

I must have been absorbed by my thoughts as it was only when I saw that the man took out one of the empty bottles to full it that I bought the cup to my lips.

The memory of the terrifying howl returned to my mind and thus I thought that it must have been the same for him. I quickly washed my face to distract myself…



The forest path was more pleasant than yesterday. As I walked, the mosquitoes which I grudgingly realised existed here yesterday were hardly as annoying as before. I wondered whether it was the ring that made the difference. The notion of a ‘magical mosquito repellent’ sounded ridiculous to me for some reason especial after the glamour it took to make it.


But my body did feel lighter than before despite not stopping to take a break even we did before.

It must have been hours from departing when we eventually came to a region which sloped sharply enough so to be able to see a sheer drop into a valley a few tens of metres away. The area was not as forested as before, which allow me to see more of the forest below. Though not as magnificent as before as the view space was significantly smaller, being lower down made me be able to appreciate the green rising hills in the distance emphasised by the valley’s which were etched at their feet. Once again I took notice of the current elevation. We sat, likely to allow me to cool off in this humidity. I slowly nodded at the site.

I slowly nodded in appreciation of the view. I had etched the sight within my mind and now I was doing the same to this one.

After some time, we had taken out some of the water to drink as it was easy to get dehydrated in high humidity. It was significantly higher than at the camp site and as we descended, it appeared to increase. I could deal with much. However, this also meant that the ground was becoming increasing moist which made my footing bad and my stamina drained had faster than before.

As we sat, I was lost in thought about the earlier scene. My mind darted across ideas even as I knew that I need more information. It is information that rules the world. With the right kind, even money comes easy and enlightenment can be reached.

So without a concrete base of knowledge about this ‘magic’ phenomena, it would likely be futile.

But I still couldn’t help my thought wondering to it.  As I visualised that scene, the words that were etched into the halo flash across my eyes. I could feel my stomach heat up and a similar sensation, though much weaker, pulsed through my skin.

As I visualised that scene, the words that were etched into the halo flash across my eyes. I could feel my stomach heat up and a similar sensation, though much weaker, pulsed through my skin.

‘Just what was that?!’

But as rapidly as it came, the feeling was gone…

No matter how many times it tried to evoke whatever it was again, I would fail. I gave up soon after realising that I likely would be able to force myself to do it anyway and instead tried to remember the events which lead me into this world. But I was interrupted before I started.

Apparently my break was over and it was time to continue. Since I rather enjoyed the time nature watching and contemplating as to the meaning of earlier feeling might have been I was satisfied and quickly rose to my feet.

But as I did, I hoped that such good feelings would last…



While we progressed, I glanced at my watch several times. last night when I tried to use my watch it staty off. Apparantly the power was low and I needed more time for it to recharge. But it had reached the point where it must have been close to dusk due to the noticeable decrease in the light. Eventually, we came across a particular treacherous strip of high land. While it did not look difficult to cross, the ground felt loose and combined with an abundance of mud and cliffs were terrifying.

The Man turned to face me, giving me a deep look as if contemplating the best course of action to act on. I truly wondered whether this path was always in such poor conditions but seeing such a face, it made me wonder that he may have not realised sooner the difficulty that it may have posed to me as he rubbed his head over his hand in annoyance.

What did this guy want from me? Was there any value in saving me?

I didn’t know and frankly, I had pushed down those questions until now.

“There is no such thing as a free launch” or as they say…

But I will take paying for my launch over becoming launch any day. That was certainly better than being cut up like meat. Or was it? However, I think I would be heartless to say that the world was only filled with actions that all had ulterior motives. Well, at least I could say this about my world… Whether the same or not applied here is something that I will have to assess.

Maybe the fate that I had was worse than being killed then…However, I think I would be heartless to say that the world was only filled with actions that all had ulterior motives. Well, at least I could say this about my world… Whether the same or not applied here is something that I will have to assess.

However, I think I would be heartless to say that the world was only filled with actions that all had ulterior motives. Well, at least I could say this about my world… Whether the same or not applied here is something that I will have to assess.

I knew that it was illogical to feel such but emotion is any but logical. It was slight but I felt a bit pathetic… To feel otherwise I guess would make me a bum after getting saved, given food and even protection.

I throw a glance at him as he observed the area closely for some reason. I knew that though my thoughts were logical, I felt a bit pathetic…

I guess to feel otherwise would make me a bum after getting saved, even after given food and protection.

“Right…I will be okay.”

“I’ll get through this…”

He quickly came to a decision and reached out to me which I understood from before that he would carry me over his shoulders.  The movement was swift and there I was again, same as yesterday.

He didn’t waste any time accelerating, much to my displeasure. The scenery blurred for an instant as the colours because melded together. But in that instant, my ear tickled as if it was hit by a warm breath. It was only for an instant that I believed to have smelled a sweet fragrance not unlike that of a sweet fruit.  Within that instance was a voice was pleasing to my ear. Even within that faction of a second I heard her whispers, clear and without imperfection but filled with a mischievous tone. At her words, my thoughts halted and my body stiffened. Soon after and at the corner of my vision, something leaped from the underbrush. In my panic, I attempted to move but there was no way that my body could keep up with my thoughts.

The next instance that I was aware of was my feeling of weightlessness and a slowly revolving world. The sky became the ground and span around as if it was stirred as one would stirred a cup of tea.


Following that sound was a blackened vision, which was restored as quickly as it came. My body collided into something. As I came too, I felt it being dragged downward. Panicked but still somewhat sensible, I instinctively tried to slow myself by clutching at whatever was in reach. When I made sense of my vision, I could see that I was sliding down an incline at quite a rate.

But in front of me, the ground vanished and a horizon spread out…


I dug my feet into the muddy ground.


My ears were filled with shouting that I only soon realised to be coming from none other than my own mouth. I tried to slow down by using my legs and arms to grab whatever I could grab on. But the inclined had surprisingly sparse of such things. In the process, I smashed my arm into a tree trunk, which caused an intense pain to shoot from location.

As the edge approached quickly, I was unable to turn my head away even as I heard someone call out to me at the edge of my awareness. It was a deep sounding yet uneven voice that was laced with anxiousness.  Though the words were quick, I was surprised that I could make out some of them. Then at the corner of my vision, a bright light surfaced. But I had not the time to see was it was as at that moment. Ten metres without delay became one and then I was left wanting when that final feeling of solid ground left. My heart sank but yet I was airborne.

As I fell, the words I heard earlier echoed in my mind:


” If you think it will be so easy…”

“Think again!”