Linear Control is ground zero

(I apologize for the late post. I still have another one for today to deliver.)

While walking to work today I began to remember about Linear time-invariant theory, which can be said to be the mainstay of control theory. Any system that Linear time invariant theory is fully applicable to are called LTI systems. LTI theory is an ideal place to start. Any LTI system are linearity and time invariance. These make analysis of such system independent of the physical properties of the system and allow a whole host of techniques to be usable on them.

LTI systems are completely describable by their impulse response and frequency response. They are also easy to model and have many tools to simplify this process.

So I will start there and dive into the mathematics of it in the process.



What is control anyway?

After learning about the fundamental theories in single input single output systems for two year while at university, I wouldn’t give much thought to what the true significance for what it means to control a system. Yes I understood that control theory was a subject which large dealt with correcting deviations between an input or state that the user wants the plant to approach and the actual output which the plant produces. In this case the plant is the ‘thing to be controlled.’ for example, A cars body (including the driver if it is manned) will be part of the plant while the changes in the staring wheels angulation will be the input that that system.

But what does it really mean to control a plant? Once this question is taken into account then I believe that everything involve that is required to change a system from one state to another needs to be visible to the designer. It is here that the degree of human intervention comes into play. Of course, not forgetting the dynamics of the plant and the requirement that need to be satisfied.

To be honest, I have been thinking of this question recently as I am quite interested in Computer decision making and problem solving.  Control theory is a vast field…

Soft Starting into Control Theory and DSP

Hi Guys! I am going to be making many posts about my ideas on Control theory and DSP concepts from now on. This is something that I have been working on for over a month ( by largely reading books).

Control theory is what allows every piece of automated equipment or device from self destructing and not just being a useless piece of junk. Everything from car staring to industrial processes rely on this. This field held a large weight in my Bachelors in Electrical engineering and to be honest, I have a soft spot for it. As for DSP, which stands for Digital signal processing, it holds even more weight than control theory and can be said to hold the most weight in the rate of technological progression currently being experienced.

I plan to make at least a post a day, something that I will keep to.

Li chapter 8: What needs to be done

This chapter a little short of 800 words but all chapters are in beta even after they are published. The main points will never change I will be making edits whenever I think adding certain info earlier will do. I will post any changes made in prior chapters on my blog. But these changes will not be a need to read if one has already read the chapter.

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Skeleton of Li volume 1 done

It has been a long time since I had wanted to write my novel but now I can take some pride in the that that the online skeleton of all the chapters of the first volume are up. I have so far 16 drafts chapters with at least 600 words each. When I am done I expect them to increase to around 800 to 1000 each.

So now I can say that I have reached one milestone which will be the first in many to come. I can’t guarantee that the story is great or will finish soon but as long as I live, I see to it done. That is what I know. I like the world I have thought of and the ideas help me think about other things so instead of wasting time passively, I want to direct it to something that will last.

I will get started on Vol 2 while editing the draft chapters. I have thought through much of the story as I have said before, so material isn’t an issue. But execution is only something one can get by trying and tuning using feedback so any feedback on your thoughts, maybe books you think are relevant, science topics. Just be clear how it relates or if it doesn’t.

Well, I hope whoever is reading this has a good day.

Update Webnovel

Greeting for anyone reading this. I just wanted to say that I have indeed been adding chapters and so far I got 10 in reserve. But as far as story material and characters I have far more than that. It is just that I have a general distaste for typing. But they are not publishable yet. I think that I will release the in a volume format as I believe that it will make it more coherent.

Oh yeah, and my PC for 6 years died on me for a few weeks. My Hp dv6 gave me some good time for a refurbished. For US $450, I was able to play Dead space 3 on ultra and Dishonored on high setting so it wasn’t bad at all. Got a new refurbished with a Dell 3rd gen i7 for US$226 with a much crapper GPU for work.

Oh well, let see how this goes…

Update on Webnovel

Man this sucks. The good news is that its been much easier to flesh out the world and story-line as I have started to write it on physical paper.

In this case, analog rules. I started with the endings and worked backwards. It is really an understatement to say that writing characters really exposes one to different thinking patterns. It is hard to write a person which operates diametrically to oneself. Even harder is how to get conversations which show the how relationships are strung. Hell, I don’t even have such a high level skill in real life, so that part take a lot of thought on my part. Frankly this is the single hardest thing. That I think I will start to blog as musings.

However, I forgot the book which I have written the material at work. I was planning on adding a chapter today but can’t. Blah! Now, analog is a pain!

Well, I will try to do so tomorrow but work can be tiring.


Crude set of thoughts?


The things we do when others don't see,
Tell ourselves who we are.

To show kindness under veils.
is not for others but our hearts.

To shed tears for our brothers,
To share strength without interest,
Even when we have none,
Allows us to laugh through our own pain, 
and gives us the power to when stand alone.

For we carry any act in our hearts,
And experiences within our ideals,
and will use to continue to dream, 
desire and drive,
Through each waking day. 
So, be sure that who you are today,
was who you wanted to be yesterday...