The Starting line

It has been a long time has it?

There will be more posts here which I will attempt to make make my thoughts less abstract and more concrete. The primary goal is to validate them so that they may be of use to myself and others. This is also an exercise in writing and in improving clarity of my thoughts. While I am reserving the right to edit these post as I go along with each new blog entry, writing and learning new things, though I will make these edits separate from the original to keep the context clear.

My posts will be both of scientific nature and fiction. I’m planning on keeping it to one post a day. Both works are akin to drafts and are not final works but I want them to be as readable as possible so I like feedback on them.

Now that is out of the way, I welcome any feedback for whoever is reading this site and apologies if anything is unclear.

Thank you very much for your time.

Problem Solving – The process

Problem solving involves comprehension of the overall condition, translation into a framework, analysis using framework, inference results, validating the solution. The following is a rough outline of how I see the problem solving process.

First, let me pose a problem who individual A is responsible for solving. This problem affects a set of individuals who have various levels of investment in finding a solution. Let us look at how this individual may approach this scenario.

Every action has an investment or a cost that is incurred while the process of problem solving is active. Resources are always finite. Should a solution to the problem be found? Sometimes, the cost of solving the problem is greater than the cost incurred by the problem existence. Then how should that be determined? Deciding what variables to use and how important each element is a task in itself.

One of the biggest factors in this process is how ‘visible’ in a subjective sense.

(To be continued)

Sensory feedback and Programming

Sensory feedback provides a method to interpret information using the bodies senses such as sight and hearing. Currently, Visualizations is the most important group because of its connection to sight. Since sight is the most developed sense that most humans have, this allows the greatest level of flexibility in transforming data into visual representations.

This connects to the numerous methods of generating data in the process of problem solving which is intimately connected to programming. By using visual representations, the mind can leverage natural sight based pattern recognition which provide insight in the underlying processes that produce the data.

When used in an iterative process such as in problem solving, this feedback provides a holistic method of understanding the problem and a path towards a possible solution based on experience.

Python is a computer programing language that is very popular with scientific and engineering endeavors for its user friendliness and powerful libraries. Leveraging this, applications can be build to satisfy problems without a large investment in building frameworks before the attempting the solve the problem itself.

However, this does not bar the need for proper problem solving techniques such as outlining and defining the problem itself and the divide and conquer approach which leads to modular solutions.

Application of imperfections- Adoption, Adaptation and Visions of Possibility

The last ten years have seen an explosion in technologies that has enabled experimentation of ideas without the excessive burden of resources that use to be required to engage in the process. I still remember the time when I found out about the Raspberry Pi (RPi) Zero and honestly thought that this would revolutionize the way education was taught in schools within my country. At a cost of $5 USD ( or $10 USD for its wireless enabled twin brother, the RPi ZeroW), it was such that a cheap computer in which a small pilot project could be run and tested in schools to see how it could improve the delivery of knowledge and increase interest in the field. With a little under $100000 USD, over a tenth of the population of the country could receive the one of such boards for free.

The Explosion of Free and Open Source software (FOSS) has provided much of the framework to solve problems that plague many people today instead of relying solely on closed source profit driven system. While it is no way prefect, it exists for anyone willing to learn them. This is encouraging as a small country, we are in no way experiencing problems solely unique to us. Similar issues have been solved using these systems. Much of the countries within the Caribbean share a similar history. Some of them are active in their use of said technologies in both education and industry. So why are we so slow to cut a path for our own future? Do we believe that will fail, (are visions mere dreams)? Or are we failing to believe in our own possibilities, (are dreams but visions)? So much so that we are closing own eyes an telling ourselves that everything is alright despite being told otherwise(that our hope is not dream but a nightmare)?

Personally, I think we have the human resource to accomplish such a task. My suspicion is that we are, like one person mentioned over the radio once, a very risk fearing people and this mindset hold us back in many ways. Honestly, its this very culture where a person falls and people laugh as if it is a joke. Laughter that provides comfort at the expense of another persons joy and confidence. Laughter that hides their own fear of failure, and reinforces the perceived pain that will happen when we fail. However, some of you readers will no doubt say that this isn’t a unique thing and that this is a common issue elsewhere in the world. This is true, if not in part for what I would are the particularities in a very socially dense yet resource sparse country (system).

This is just a hypothesis and an unproven on at that.

People are more than a title, a job or a cog in society. They are more than their actions and their words, their thoughts and feelings. Yet, at the same time that is all what they are as that is a result of the observations of each and everyone of us to everyone other person but ourselves. On an off note, that is one reason why I think is one reason why data science is so success in predicting behavioral patterns in the social networks, by reinforcing that world view.

Along the same lines of thought, in the other nations where large number of people but are not particularly ‘dense’, it is possible for a person to create a shield of people as a support system to counteract this negative influence and provide positive connections to opportunities. It is not required as much to co-operate with the enemy and the negative reactions to perceived enemies are smaller. This can be thought as everyone having a place to run towards in the case of failure and it is not necessary to work with the enemy as they are enough resources. This also promotes a greater deal of rationalism than subjectivity. Of course, that is hardly the case if seen as individuals and in real world.

This is just a hypothesis and an unproven on at that. In the other nations where large density of people, it is possible for a person to create a shield of people as a support system to counteract this negative influence and provide positive connections to opportunities. It is not required as much to co-operate with the enemy and the negative reactions to perceived enemies are smaller. This can be thought as everyone having a place to run towards in the case of failure and it is not necessary to work with the enemy as they are enough resources. Of course, that is hardly the case if seen as individuals and in real world. But if seen economically and in a mean sense, there such be some truth to it.

In smaller countries, there is an increase level of interaction between those who enemies and influences are greater due to greater social densities. It is required to share resources if rewards are to be gained. The support systems are not as strong as are in other countries in part due to increased side effects from enemy which also cause these support from being isolated due to high social density.

The most important point between the to is of the value system and mismatch of the definition of success and failure. In any dynamic system, in order to promote movement towards a direction, impeding force must be lessen and promoting forces increased. However I will stop Here for now as it is a topic on its own and I have digressed from the original topic. In short, Elements must work towards similar goals. To do this, Elements must also be able to agree on a set of rules in order to understand the direction of play. Elements must understand the systems of rules well enough to infer the condition of the state they are in and others are.

The point I am trying to develop is that while we are still resource constrained and still figuring out what it means to “win” as everyone cannot agree what is allowed and not in this country, the barriers that have once existed have been broken without many people realizing just how much of a difference it has. Unlike most new technologies in the past, it costs very little to invest in, it has very little maintenance cost, it is flexible to an almost impossible degree.

This post has come on more like a rant than intended in hindsight. I’ll continue to expand on it to make it more factual rather than basing it solely on observations and speculations.

Archetype: The sword and the pitful woman

Who is this boy? He appeared as if called by my wish, at this time of great need. He has neither numbers nor weapon yet he stands without any signs of fear. How does he expect to change this situation? However, he reminds me of that crisis so many years ago, where we first met. That boy is not him, that I know, yet I find myself thinking of him. Now the tears cannot stop. I’m sorry, I never meant it to turn out like this. Forgive me but it’s is not the time for memories.  how can I not remember, despite a different weapon, even with a smaller frame, his image is as clear as it was then. Where is his face? My hand was stretched out, reaching for his back.

I called out to the boy but I was ignored, he never turned nor did he seem to be aware of my state. I’m not sure he heard or maybe there was never any volume in my voice. But it’s strange, around us, even though we are cornered, why do they not attack? Ah, they are fixed on the young man presence. That weak-looking young man who might fall down at any moment. How is he holding them back? He had cuts and burses but none too serious. No, that’s is not it, it is something else yet I can’t help but feel that that to is important. They are both waiting, feeling out each other out? Is that it? I don’t know but there is something else.

Ten breaths, three down and two men remaining. The moves were swift, direct. An enemy and one an ally, I think. There is something else here, I can feel it. Something that I can’t explain, or someone that doesn’t want to be found. It coils around the man who stands against us. Yet, there is an unpleasantness about the boy which makes me shudder.




Li novel outline complete

It has been a trial to get the full novel flesh out to the point that I have a path from the beginning to the end of the novel. I have been working on this for a while now and I hope to complete this book by this year’s end. However, if I have my way, I want to be done with this in a month or two. So expect to see a remake of the first two volumes soon.

The boy who seeks the beasts

A single thought floated into the his mind as he paused his slow but unwavering progress.

He looked down at the knife at his feet. A sudden flash of light had cut short his path. As harsh as the sound of the knife as it drove into the wood, the message was clear. He had received it.

With the little light present, there would never be any reflection cast onto the knife’s black blade. However, the reflection that had never formed would have been that of a short frail figure. One with only a slim arm on the handle of whatever rested on his back.

A hood covered the figures head as the robe draped over much of his body. Underneath, only a steady, rhythmic breathing could be heard. A boy who had only just come of age. But one who was no virgin to such violence. A single knife wasn’t enough.

He had strode into the domain of beasts wearing human skins. He did so willing. Or so he thought. Circumstance might have disagreed.

And then he had his way here. As he entered the dimly lit room, he found the stench of this place familiar, too familiar. A stench of filth and the hot humidity told him all what he need to know.

For that night and the days that followed had changed him and lead him here today…

His hand shivered.

“Maybe this time would be the one.”He had began his mission with that mindset.

He felt his vitality sapped by the thing on his back. He didn’t know what it was but he was thankful for it. If it wasn’t because of this thing he would not have been able to get this far. Even though he felt his life slipping each time he grip onto the handle. He felt that something irreplaceable was being taken.

His arm shook even as his figure remained on the soft cloth like handle.

The silence faded with a low pitch hum slowly growing. It’s source was no other than the weak looking boy draped in rag like robes.

To those in the dark, he wondered only one thing…

“Where they the ones?”

Volume 4 outline is done(sort of…)

I been working on my novel since my last post and I have mostly covered where I want this story to go this novel. But the more I write the more I understand that I want to take this novel in different directions. I have an idea how to resolve that problem. But for now I’ll try to finish this story.

Volume 2 is done

Wow, That took much longer than I anticipated. this volume was not supposed to that so long to complete as I had actually done the drafts last year. Blah… Work, lack of motivation to edit and procrastination really is a horrible combination.

Well, I still have to go back and edit the volume so that it flows better but that will be done in pieces throughout the year. However, the good news is that I have much of volume three’s outline planned.

Well, time to end this post.

See you next time.