Li novel outline complete

It has been a trial to get the full novel flesh out to the point that I have a path from the beginning to the end of the novel. I have been working on this for a while now and I hope to complete this book by this year’s end. However, if I have my way, I want to be done with this in a month or two. So expect to see a remake of the first two volumes soon.

The boy who seeks the beasts

A single thought floated into the his mind as he paused his slow but unwavering progress.

He looked down at the knife at his feet. A sudden flash of light had cut short his path. As harsh as the sound of the knife as it drove into the wood, the message was clear. He had received it.

With the little light present, there would never be any reflection cast onto the knife’s black blade. However, the reflection that had never formed would have been that of a short frail figure. One with only a slim arm on the handle of whatever rested on his back.

A hood covered the figures head as the robe draped over much of his body. Underneath, only a steady, rhythmic breathing could be heard. A boy who had only just come of age. But one who was no virgin to such violence. A single knife wasn’t enough.

He had strode into the domain of beasts wearing human skins. He did so willing. Or so he thought. Circumstance might have disagreed.

And then he had his way here. As he entered the dimly lit room, he found the stench of this place familiar, too familiar. A stench of filth and the hot humidity told him all what he need to know.

For that night and the days that followed had changed him and lead him here today…

His hand shivered.

“Maybe this time would be the one.”He had began his mission with that mindset.

He felt his vitality sapped by the thing on his back. He didn’t know what it was but he was thankful for it. If it wasn’t because of this thing he would not have been able to get this far. Even though he felt his life slipping each time he grip onto the handle. He felt that something irreplaceable was being taken.

His arm shook even as his figure remained on the soft cloth like handle.

The silence faded with a low pitch hum slowly growing. It’s source was no other than the weak looking boy draped in rag like robes.

To those in the dark, he wondered only one thing…

“Where they the ones?”

Volume 4 outline is done(sort of…)

I been working on my novel since my last post and I have mostly covered where I want this story to go this novel. But the more I write the more I understand that I want to take this novel in different directions. I have an idea how to resolve that problem. But for now I’ll try to finish this story.

Volume 2 is done

Wow, That took much longer than I anticipated. this volume was not supposed to that so long to complete as I had actually done the drafts last year. Blah… Work, lack of motivation to edit and procrastination really is a horrible combination.

Well, I still have to go back and edit the volume so that it flows better but that will be done in pieces throughout the year. However, the good news is that I have much of volume three’s outline planned.

Well, time to end this post.

See you next time.

Li chapter 36 The fifth presence




None spoke.

Without saying anything they turned to each other.

The armed figure looked towards the other which shook his head.

Then looked down at the body.

Only then did someone speak.

Although she spoke the common tongue, she could not understand what they were saying.

The ground shook.

It was yet another tremor.

The hazy figure became more defined in form, revealing a man in black wares.

The other approached the girl.

“Hey! Who is he?”

She couldn’t understand.

Noticing this he forced her head towards the body and pointed.

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Li chapter 35 To move accord to principles

Li hid behind the wall as he peaked into the room.

As his eyes darted across the room he took notice of someone one the grround.

The two figures appeared hazy as if their outline was not fixed.

And at them, a savage glare was thrown by that person.

Even as she knelt, her posture was defiant.

Next to her was the spear that she stole.


His true sight was not able to completely penetrate the haze around the two figures but he could tell that they were humanoid.

Familiar symbols were etched onto the figures.

But his eyes remained fixed on the people.

One held a thin long blade. The other appear unarmed.

However, he was unable to properly confirm this due to his awkward positioning.

Li cursed softly.

Torn between his emotions, he quickly reached a decision to continue to continue to his destination.

As he turned his head, his eye caught onto the arm of one of the shadow.

And in that moments he reached out without thinking…


She hated the people in front of her.

To be honest even she couldn’t understand exactly why he hated them as much as she did.

After she had arrived back at her village, she was told that her grandfather was injured and in a comatose state.

She had taken the news without showing any emotion.

For a while she was motionless.

It was strange, She was scolded many times before but then as the hot unkind words that he had been injured due to him reducing the guards in order to look for her, it had suddenly sank that her grandfather was injured partly due to her.

Then he held a burning desire to find and punish the people responsible.

No one stopped her.

no one ever did would.

She had encountered them as she left in the forest within the black region.

With surprise on her side she managed to down a few of the members using stealth.

They were weak.

She did not use her spear but instead with simple close range strikes, grapples and throws, thy were eliminated

She had been taught the common tougue from a frequent visit to the villiger who incidentally also taught her spear arts.

Using this, she was able to find the men who fought her grandfather but…

she was caught, handed to the men but then escaped before falling unconscious…



As she look onward to as the blade that descended sharply towards her head, at that last instant something pushed her away.


It took several seconds for her to notice that she had been pushed out of harms way for the moment.

And in her place was the strange figure in a same outfit that she had encountered earlier.

she could not smell any blood.

But what she had not noticed is that the two men also didn’t move as they stared at the body


“How foolish…

If Li was conscious maybe he would be able that voice soft muttering…













Li chapter 34 Two shadows

It had been too quick for him to understand what had transpired. as he laid on the floor.

The terminal continued to operate and on it were several dots in the area throughout the ruins.

However the path to outside was out of reach as he wondered how he would make it out  as he felt that his protective gear was almost of power…

As he rose to his knees, he became aware of a soft laughter besides him.

However there was none there…

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Li chapter 32 the girl

It had been some time since Li had began walking the facility.

It had been a while since he heard the woman’s voice.

In addition, the closed space and the darkness had started to play tricks on his mind.

The number of symbols had lowered to five.

While he had browsed through the map he noticed that the facility had been composed of multiple buildings.

However, there were many which apparently had been demolished due to a cataclysmic event sometime in the past.

Only remnants of them remained.

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